How To Get Over The One That Got Away

You’ve been crying for the past few days and you are not quite sure how many tubs of ice cream you’ve finished.

The TV’s been replaying the same film about a happy couple moving in to their perfect home; all you can think is why fate played such a cruel trick on you?

Finding the perfect home in the perfect area is difficult enough as it is but losing it is even worse.

Where do you go to now?

It is the best time to rebuild and here are a few ways that you can get over your disappointment:

#1 – Don’t dwell on one dwelling

You know the saying “there are more fish in the sea”? Well, it applies to property as well.

Don’t be upset about the one home that escaped you – remove that listing and move on. Delete any photos that you might have taken of that home and start with a fresh roll for a new home.

Try your best not to compare the next home with the one that you couldn’t get.

There are many homes out there, each with their own unique characteristics, and if you keep on living in the past, you’ll never give a new home a fair shot.

#2 – Get back in the game

It is fine if you want to mope around about the one that got away, but don’t use up too much time doing so.

The property market moves unbelievably fast so you have to as well. Pour a drink and toast to what might have been, and get back online to do your research again.

While you are sitting on the sidelines, another perfect home might be coming on to the market just for someone else to scoop it up before you even know about it!

#3 – Don’t rush and settle

Don’t let your frustrations and despondence force you into buying the next best property that comes your way.

Many buyers are inclined to just buy the next property they see because they feel hopeless and they just want to get the process over and done with.

This is not an advisable course of action. You will just end up with a home you dislike and you have to pay its mortgage for the next few years.

Stay true to your list of wants and needs. There are certain elements that can be compromised on but you should not abandon the image of your dream home completely.

#4 – Relook at the budget

When you lose out on a house, use the opportunity to take a step back and take a look at your budget again.

Try and see if there is a difference between what you can afford to spend and the selling price of the homes that you have been looking for. You might find that you could save up a bit more and purchase a house in a different price bracket or use the money to make a more competitive offer.

Sellers are selling an investment and they want to get the most out of the sale.

You could also consider looking at a different neighborhood where houses are not as expensive. Here you will have to decide on the things that you are willing to compromise on.

Either way, the mourning period is a great time to regroup and reflect on your goals.

Losing out on a dream home can be very frustrating and sad because you have probably already pictured your life in that home. But don’t give up yet! There might just be a better home waiting for you around the corner.

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