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5 Secrets You Didn’t Know about House Maintenance

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  • 1. Your appliances need you
  • 2. Take care of leaks immediately
  • 3. Check the sealants on doors and windows
  • 4. Cleaning the gutters
  • 5. Take care of the roof

For most people, house maintenance is dusting, tidying up and vacuuming the interior while everything else comes to attention when it gets broken or causes trouble.

When you own a house, it is more than a home but rather turns into an investment you have to keep in the best condition to prevent additional expenses.

However, this is a common situation with homeowners and one easily remedied with some effort and discovering a few secrets you didn’t know about house maintenance:

1. Your appliances need you

While it may seem like the other way around, your home appliances actually need you to work properly and safely.

For example, regular maintenance of the washing machine will keep it operational and safe to wash even the baby clothes.

Turn on your washer with only white vinegar and baking soda inside to clean from grime and soap deposits, as well as limescale on the heaters.

The moment you notice that some appliance is not working properly or causing a short-circuit, call the handyman immediately and don’t turn it on again. Faulty appliances can cause fires and property damage, as well as injury to you or other members of your household.

2. Take care of leaks immediately

Leaks happen for various reasons, but the conclusion is always the same: they need immediate attention.

Water in the walls, ceiling and foundation can cause damage to electrical wiring and hinder structural integrity which are both costly and serious issues to tackle.

If you notice a higher than usual water bill, start examining the piping in your home to find the potential leak.

If you are about to buy a house, ask the seller when was the last time they updated the water and sewer systems and consider replacing them if they are old.

From then on, just pay attention to your water meter from time to time and the sounds of leaking, as well as whether stains form in any part of your home.

3. Check the sealants on doors and windows

Sealants on doors and windows serve to prevent any heat or cold escaping or entering the house during seasons when you use heating or air-conditioning.

But over time they tear and wear so, you need to replace them or they will add to the high energy bill and overall ambiance in the house.

This is something you can easily do yourself with silicone rubber sealant, masking tape, soapy water, utility knife, and a caulking gun. 

On the other hand, weather-strips on windows and doors will need more frequent monitoring and change since they easily get damaged with the opening and closing of the doors.

Perform this maintenance at the very beginning of heating and cooling season so you would easily detect whether sealants and weather-strips need tending.  

4. Cleaning the gutters

Unlike roof maintenance, you can clean the gutters by yourself if you have a pair of gloves, old plastic spatula, plumber’s snake and a ladder.

If you do this regularly before and after heavy rains and storms you will keep your gutters unclogged and undamaged longer.

However, just like anything else, gutters have their expiration date and you should also inspect them for rust and cracks.

5. Take care of the roof

The roof often gets neglected because it’s out of sight and the only problems we see are when we notice leaks inside the house.

However, while you might be tempted to get on the ladders and take care of your roof yourself, leave it to professionals like Flash Roof Plumbing who know what they are doing.

You can easily turn a minor problem into a full-blown renovation if you make a wrong step or even hurt yourself.

If you perform regular roof maintenance like cleaning from debris after the rainy season and replacing shingles in time, you will avoid any damage to the structure. Moss and dirt tend to pile up over time and they need to be professionally removed in order to preserve the integrity of the roofing system.

Check the roof from the inside for cracks and leaks since that is a safe and sure way to identify the potential problems.

Leaky or clogged gutters will cause water build-up and it’s overflowing to the walls of your house and leaking into the interior.

How often you will have to clean the gutters depends on the weather conditions in your area so have that in mind as well.


House maintenance may sound like a tiring chore, but the truth is you will never do all at once or at the same time.

But taking care of each before the season of extreme weather or at the first sign of problems, will lower the costs significantly and prevent potential damages to your property and health. 



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