How Pets Can Help You Sell Your Home

In the past, pets were a huge no-no when it came to selling the house. Sellers would often send their pets away if they have open houses and spring clean from roof to floor to eliminate any trace of animals.

However, things have changed drastically and lately, it would seem like pets can play an important role in the selling process – especially if the buyers are animal lovers.

Pets contribute a cute factor, playing on emotions, and most people seem to love it. Just think of all the cat videos you see online!

Here are a few ways your pets can help sell your home.

1 – Homes unleashed

The first area that you should focus on is the entryway – this is, after all, where the first impressions of the interior will be made.

The best way to get to a pet-lover’s heart is to make sure the leash is hanging near the entrance. This way you can tastefully hint that this is a pet-friendly property.

But be sure to hang your most attractive leash and not a ratty old thing that your pooch already chewed on. You can even pick up a new one so that it matches the décor.

2 – Treat them right

The second important area is the kitchen. This is the heart of the home, the point where memories will be made, and serious discussions about food and life will happen. You can consider putting pet treats in a beautiful container and store it on the counter.

You should also think about upgrading your pet’s water bowl. Find one that is sparkly, new, and makes the water look absolutely delicious. A fresh bowl of water will paint the right picture and it might just complement the accents in your kitchen, too.

3 – Picture perfect

When selling a home, it is advisable to take down any personal photos that you might have like photos of family and friends. However, it is okay to leave photos of pets.

There is a growing trend in the real estate where more and more listings are keeping their pet photos up on display. The wonderful thing about pet photos is that it is isn’t as personal as a family photo, but you still have that sense of love and care when you stare down at your pet’s cute little face.

4 – Fake it ‘till you make it

The bedrooms are always a point of interest when it comes to buyers. Sellers often try to make their bedrooms as attractive and elegant as possible which is why the next tip might be a bit odd.

Experts note that a faux sheepskin throw rug can be seen as a romantic element and it might be seen as a cozy spot for your pet to curl up on.

If you are unable to find a faux sheepskin, you can place a new (or a clean) pet bed at the foot of your own bed. Just remember to stash the chew toys.

5 – Scoop the poop


The backyard might be an aspect of the home that you don’t pay much attention to, but this can be a crucial mistake.

Remember to pick up after your pets before the open house. Not only is it an unsightly image, but it can also smell very bad.

Bad smells are a huge turn-off for buyers – and this includes any other pet odors. You can also give your doghouse, if you have one, a fresh coat of paint. Stick to lighter colors when doing this, because darker colors absorb the sun and its heat a lot faster.

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