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How to Decorate Rooms so They Work Together

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  • 1. Pick one colour and stick to it
  • 2. Find a theme
  • 3. Be consistent
  • 4. Pay attention to the floors
  • 5. Try new things
  • 6. Don’t take it too far
  • 7. Play with different patterns
  • 8. Take your time

Decorating rooms can either be the best or the worst experience, depending on whom you ask.

For some people, decorating the room is the pinnacle of moving houses, yet for some, it’s also an arduous task, one they wish they could just get over with.

However, if you can’t afford an interior designer, don’t worry.

You can still do it alone and if you follow these tips, the results will be brilliant and stylish:

1. Pick one colour and stick to it

This doesn’t mean that you have to choose one colour and paint your whole house like that.

Instead, it means focusing on a particular colour in one room and trying to replicate it in other rooms through accent pieces that would match.

For example, painting the living room walls navy blue and adding a navy blue kitchen table into your kitchen will show your home like a complete picture rather than pieces that don’t go well together.

2. Find a theme

This shouldn’t be difficult as long as you find a theme that you like. There are many themes you can choose from.

Whether you like Boho or minimalist themes, you’ll find the perfect one for you. Having a unique theme running through your home will provide a sense of cohesiveness and unity.

Themes give your home a sense of wholeness and if you do it right, it’ll definitely work together.

3. Be consistent

If you’re an eclectic type, then you’re probably tempted to use multiple styles for each room in the house.

But that’s definitely something you should steer away from, as drastically different styles will make your home look disjointed.

Instead, combine different elements so that they’ll be reflected in every room.

4. Pay attention to the floors

Smaller houses should have the same flooring in each room as it makes the space look bigger. If you live in a larger property, having different floors is not a problem.

But, if you happen to end up in a smaller house with different types of floors, don’t fret ‒ there are solutions.

Having vintage Persian rugs is an excellent way to soothe the floors. If they’re drastically different, then try painting the walls the same colour, as this will create the aura of consistency.

5. Try new things

Searching for new styles is the best way to ensure that your home will look unique.

You can find inspiration in many places. Just don’t expect it to work straight away. It might take time for you to get used to it, especially if you’re decorating for the first time.

Make sure that everything is complete with the right furniture, carpets and curtains, and if it doesn’t work, then try redecorating.

6. Don’t take it too far

Mixing different styles and being eclectic doesn’t mean you should try matching everything with everything.

It might look good in some random Instagram post, but when you do it in real life, you’ve got to be extra careful, otherwise, your home can end up looking like an antique furniture store.

Eclectic style has to have a certain flow and it definitely shouldn’t feel random. If you feel like adding a number of different pieces in one space, it’s always better to consult a professional to be sure that everything will work.

7. Play with different patterns

There’s nothing more stylish than having a certain pattern on your rug or sofa and then repeating it in a different room. But, there’s a catch: you have to be careful not to overdo it.

You want a sense of stylish uniformity and not a cluttered mess. So don’t over mix patterns either.

Choose one pattern and stick to it. Your guests will be amazed by this new look!

8. Take your time

This is the most essential advice since no one is a born with a knack for interior design. There’s a chance that you won’t succeed at first, and that’s totally fine.

If you fail at first, try again.

Let your style and preferences evolve into something you feel comfortable with. Also, stop chasing status and buying expensive pieces hoping that your house will look fancy. Elegance and style are born over time, so patience is a key here.

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