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How to Make Sure Your Landscaping Is on Point

Walking around your house, you probably look at your garden and backyard, thinking what can you do to change it.

While some exteriors look great, others can be so bad that they destroy the curb appeal of the house. But landscaping is not only the matter of aesthetics but rather functionality and harmony as well.

In your attempts to create attractive outdoor space, you may start to wonder if your landscaping is on point.

What can you add and what you should remove are the basic worries of any homeowner who tries to convert their yard into a gorgeous exterior. However, with the following tips and tricks, you will easily create a landscape you will adore:

Build paths and walkways

Paths and walkways are hardscapes that make your exterior organized and welcoming. Depending on your desires, you can have one or several running from the entrance to the gate and around the yard.

Type of materials used for their construction solely depends on the overall landscaping and your budget, although even less pricey solutions know to look amazing.

If you are going for the more traditional design, use stones and pebbles since they will perfectly fit with nature. Alternatively, placing granite tiles in one row and with some space between one another on the grassy surface will appeal to the modernly decorated exterior and add elegance.

If you decide to have less greenery and more walkways, then go for the natural-stone tiles to keep the space organic and sophisticated.

Improve the seating area

Usually, people place a table and a few chairs, maybe even add a sofa in order to create an outdoor seating area. However, this landscaping can be more functional and aesthetically pleasing that it’s a shame not to develop it more. Namely, think about this space as your getaway from the world and splurge on the things that would indulge you.

Add a fire pit or fireplace for setting the ambiance, and also to warm up when it’s chilly outside. Instead of a typical seating set, opt for a luxuriously spread sofas that can easily fit at least a dozen people.

And cover the area with a pergola so you can spend time here even during summer rains or sunny afternoons.

Consider adding water features

Water features are always a welcoming addition to a landscape since they fit naturally with the outdoor space. However, not all exteriors have room for swimming pools, nor care for them, so you will have to find a fitting alternative to bring the water into your garden and yard.

One of the most used solutions is building a fountain or an artificial waterfall.

But instead of deciding to add one item, go for creating a complex water feature that will highlight an area. Japanese Zen garden is the best choice if you really want to create a functional area where you can spend time by the water relaxing. It includes an artificial waterfall and a pond with water lilies and maybe Koi fish surrounded by natural stone and carefully trimmed plants.

Have your own summerhouse in the yard

There are a lot of reasons to consider building a summerhouse in the yard, and using it as an additional guest space is the least creative of all.

With contemporary construction solutions, you can easily have an additional space which is easily transformed into anything you need it to be during summer.

Depending on your budget, you can design it to serve as a summer kitchen or your workshop.

If you design it to be less of a studio and more a two-room space, you can even have both. Summerhouses don’t have to be complicated to build, and you can basically make them from glass walls and some simple roofing. Namely, enclosing a gazebo with see-through panels that you can remove during summer and have in place for winter, so even then you can use this extra space.

Do a lot of gardening

Plants are an important part of landscaping and it’s almost impossible to have a yard or backyard without them. However, besides mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes, you can create your own oasis right there in your garden.

Start off by getting the garden tools ready and creating a design that will fit with the rest of the exterior or emphasize it.

Choose the plants that best suit your personality and lifestyle habits, for example, perennials or sturdy flora that doesn’t require much care. Annual plants like fuchsia and thunbergia, on the other hand, will bring colorfulness and vibrancy to space.

Make sure you know what kind of maintenance the plants need before you grow them since that will considerably help with creating an on-point landscape.

Expand your living area to the exterior

Connecting exterior with interior spaces has been a practice for a while now. It not only allows for functionality to flourish but also turns yours outdoors into an active area. If you have a porch, it’s a perfect time to install twin glass doors and add it to your interior as an expansion.

That way you can use this space during warm months to have dinner or entertain guests, which means that you will use it most of the year. On the other hand, if you don’t have a porch but a spacious backyard, it’s time to be practical. Build an awning right on the house so that the moment you exit the house, you will be entering your outdoor living area.

Work on the landscaping design before you buy the materials and hire workers. A good plan and organization are very important to get what you want and stay on point with your landscape.

After all, the only way to ensure you’re using your outdoor space in the best way is by creating a functional and comfortable environment you will be proud of.

About the author: Jessie is a passionate blogger and home designer. She loves writing about tips and tricks that make every home a better place, inside and outside. Besides this, she loves sports, outdoor activities and spending time with her close ones. You can connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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