7 Amazing Ideas for the Maximum Usage of Storage Space

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  • #1 - The multipurpose ottoman
  • #2 - A covered bathroom hook
  • #3 - Desk cubicles
  • #4 - Storing the tools in the right way
  • #5 - Luxurious niches
  • #6 - A garden bench or a chest
  • #7 - A built-in bookcase

Do you know what prospective owners cherish the most in a new home?

It’s not the luxury improvements but an abundance of storage space.

You can never get too much of it, especially in cramped apartments of today. Maximizing the usage of storage space will not only help your home achieve a better market value but you’ll have a place for all the stuff you own.

Here are some ideas on how to best use the existing and create new storage spaces:

#1 – The multipurpose ottoman

If you wish a touch of the Orient inside the bedroom or the living room, then an ottoman is the ideal décor piece.

Apart from its lavish design, modern ottomans have an additional awesome feature: they are hollow inside and can be opened by lifting the seating area. This offers the perfect hidden storage unit that is easily accessible.

It can be used for storing blankets next to the bed or you can keep the magazines here in the living room.

#2 – A covered bathroom hook

You probably have several pegs and hooks next to the shower or a bathtub that you use for hanging towels.

In order to max out on space, you can place a small rack right above the towel hanger. The bathroom will benefit from additional shelving that you can use for storing clean towels, scented salts or flower pots.

#3 – Desk cubicles

If you spend a lot of time working at your desk, then you have probably felt that the top of the desk is not versatile enough for everything you wish to store there.

That’s why the addition of vertical cubicles is ideal partitioning of storage space and some extra room for bills, letters, sheets, and other paper items.

Add a trash can under the desk, and you get the perfect use of space in the work area.

#4 – Storing the tools in the right way

A common problem with storing hand and power tools inside a house is the fact they end up all over the place. Because there is no single room intended for storing tools, you will have to convert one of the existing ones.

There are numerous ideas for tool storage that will help you organize your equipment but they require a separate space for tool storage.

If you lack a proper tool shed, then a section of the garage will suit just fine.

#5 – Luxurious niches

There is one décor solution that is both considered luxurious and space-saving: niches are indentations in the wall that can be traced back to Roman times where they served as places where statues were displayed.

You can become a part of this tradition by creating a hole in the wall and filling it out with dense form available from any hardware store.

In the end, all you have to is style it in a manner you see the best fit. Whether you place a vase or a figurine inside is entirely up to you.

#6 – A garden bench or a chest

Storing garden equipment outside can be tricky unless you own a shed.

However, if you own or are planning to place a bench inside the backyard, then it can serve as an ideal secret storage space.

All you have to do is built around the base of the bench and convert it into a trinket for storing everything necessary for maintaining the garden.

As an alternative, you can buy a ready-made chest and nail a backrest to it so it would double as a bench.

#7 – A built-in bookcase

A bookcase is something that most homeowners desire to own.

However, its installation, regardless of its size, comes with a twist. Namely, it protrudes from the wall, occupying a precious room that you can use for other stuff.

Instead of leaning the bookshelf against the wall, you can choose to build it in the wall. This looks the best in places where there is an existing indentation, like between the fireplace and another wall.

Maximizing the use of storage space inside your house is possible in every room of the house. This includes the outdoor living space as well so keep an open mind when it comes to discovering inventive ways to increase storage space in your home.

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