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The Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

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  • 1 - Importance of Color
  • 2 - Directional Lighting
  • 3 - Function
  • 4 - Space

There’s no question that lighting for interior space plays a significant role.

It changes the mood of the room, plays with its dimension, and generally brings out the beauty and appeal of the room.

Interior lighting involves the proper placement of lights and the types of light used. These all work together with the room’s size and the presence of natural light to create a truly wonderful interior space that showcases the room’s beauty whether day or night.

The lighting fixtures used to illuminate a room serve to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for the homeowners. It adds to the style and decor of the home and enhances its aesthetic charm and appeal.

Through proper lighting, a room can have its special look to tie it with the rest of the house or make it stand out. Not only are lighting fixtures stylish, but they are also functional.

Lighting, therefore, can make or break a room.

1 – Importance of Color

The light used in a space can add to the overall color of the room.

Likewise, it can also subtract color.

Darker colors can make a room feel cramped and small, while bright colors can open a room up, creating the illusion of space.

This illusion of space is created using reflected light on surfaces of walls. There are other types of lights that help to further this illusion by illuminating the walls further.

2 – Directional Lighting

Light fixtures serve two purposes for interior space: either they illuminate the entire room, or they highlight specific elements of the space.

Track lighting is good positional lighting. These are hung from the ceiling and come with adjustable lamps and necks that can be pointed to highlight specific parts of the room like a painting, a side table, or a floral arrangement.

Recessed lighting is also a popular choice to create a more subdued glow, to illuminate a room.

3 – Function

The role of interior lighting has many facets but the most important one is functionality.

In essence, light fixtures should, first and foremost, bright light into a room for the residents to see well.

A light fixture that fails to serve a purpose, despite its aesthetic appeal, is just wasting power.

In interior space, select the most appropriate lighting. Chandeliers are great for illuminating a large common space like open foyers, entryways, or a large room. Wall lights create the perception of length and size as well as illuminate the way.

4 – Space

When choosing the best possible interior light fixtures, consider the role of space.

A dark room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light is better suited with fixtures that offer a full range of color or those that replicate natural lighting.

Pieces of furniture also play an important role in the overall lighting of a room. Big pieces of furniture block light especially in small rooms.

LED light bulbs are a great way to bring illumination back into small rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light. Corner lamps, central hanging lights, or wall scones installed on ceilings also help to brighten a room if natural light is limited.

Lighting plays a very important role for interior spaces and will only be to the detriment of the design aesthetic if overlooked.

The way that lighting is incorporated into your home sets the mood of the space and creates a lasting impact on those who experience it.

It is important to note that interior lighting is not only about illumination, although that plays an integral part of it. Interior lighting is all about maximizing the space, highlighting certain elements, and creating a color theme for each room.

About the author: Evelyn Paulson is a passionate blogger who loves to share tips on home improvement, home renovation, and interior designs. She is currently working with Liquid LEDs, which offers best LED light bulbs designed specifically for Australia’s lighting environment.

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