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5 Reasons to Install a Security Camera in Your Home

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  • 1 - Monitor your home
  • 2 - Monitor children
  • 3 - Deter burglars
  • 4 - Insurance claims
  • 5 - Prevent home invasions

With all our electric fences and cameras on the outside perimeter of our properties, why would anyone even consider installing a security camera in one’s home?

Well, for one, would peace of mind and protection of your assets be a good reason?

Whilst the above is enough of a justification to have a security camera installed, here are a couple of other benefits to double convince you:

1 – Monitor your home

One major advantage of installing a security camera in your home is that it gives you the opportunity to keep an eye out on pretty much any area of your home.

Plus, with nowaday’s (WiFi) technology, a security camera also gives you the option to monitor your home from any location.

Heck, with advances in mobile technology, you can have a live stream of your security camera right on your mobile device!

Besides the obvious security angle, having multiple security cameras in different areas of your home can also give you an early warning for when there’s a fire in your home.

2 – Monitor children

For those of us somewhat worries (paranoid?) about our children being home alone, or with a nanny, you could install security cameras in your home in order to keep tabs on your children.

Having such a security camera in place, you will be able to make sure your children are safe.

3 – Deter burglars

Having a security camera in your home can help you deter unauthorized persons and potentially prevent break-ins.

After all, burglaries can literally take place in minutes and installing a security camera in your home will help you protect your family and property.

4 – Insurance claims

Some insurance companies may request photographic evidence or video footage of your home in its natural environment before they compensate you for any loss that arises from natural disaster or theft.

Having these security cameras in place would help to sort out such important (financial) requests.

5 – Prevent home invasions

All-in-all, having a security camera in your home will undoubtedly help you prevent and reduce home invasions.

You can have a motion-activated hidden camera in your home or a hidden camera clock. While such a hidden camera in your home will help you with security and save energy cost, a hidden camera clock will hardly be noticed by anyone. You will be able to monitor people and events more naturally, if there’s such a thing.


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