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Founded in May 2011 Jared Odell is a qualified industrial designer who has worked for one of the most recognizable international design firms in South Africa. After a few years in the corporate world of design, Jared Odell has taken the leap to go out on his own, and “Jared Odell Furniture & Design” is the result of this move.

Adventure, Style, Beauty, Freedom and Individuality are the driving creative forces behind Jared Odell. His desire to create something beautiful yet classic and timeless is the goal of Jared Odell Furniture & Design.

“I’m designing stuff that i like, that i would want to own and i think it would be a better design if I do that than if I try predict what other people would want.”

“I’ve always liked furniture design, being able to design something beautiful yet functional. So after I had worked for a few years, I wanted to do something that would give me the scope to be creative, and have creative freedom. Furniture was the natural choice”.

Jared is intrigued by form, “a lot of my inspiration comes from the actual materials I choose to work with, and the manufacturing processes. I look at different materials and how you can manipulate them to form something interesting. I also am inspired by the simplicity and search for perfection that was very prevalent in mid-century modernism”.

His company functions to design and make beautiful products that people want to own. “I just like to have fun, and enjoy what I’m doing; if I’m not enjoying what I’m doing I’m probably not doing the right thing”.

No rest for the inspired and uber-talented Jared has his sights firmly fixed on the future of his design company. “I’m actively trying to reach the broader South African market, and working with some people about starting to supply product into Europe”.

Capetonians have something to look forward to; Jared plans to open a showroom in Cape Town within the next year. Watch this space.

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