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6 Fresh Ideas to Let Light into Your Home

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  • #1 - Hanging a huge mirror
  • #2 - Metallic accessories
  • #3 - Transparent curtains
  • #4 - Glass is not your only choice
  • #5 - Repaint the place
  • #6 - Install a skylight

Some homes simply don’t have enough natural light, which makes their owners try to fix this with more artificial light fixtures or more powerful light bulbs.

The problem with this idea lies in the fact that natural light is pivotal to both mental and physical health of inhabitants.

Other than this, more fixtures and more potent bulbs (even if they are LED) tend to increase the overall carbon footprint of your home. Fortunately, there are so many fresh ideas to let more light into your home in a simple, natural and eco-friendly manner.

Here are six of them:

#1 – Hanging a huge mirror

The first thing you can do in order to enhance the intensity of natural light within your home is to hang a mirror in just the right spot.

Needless to say, the best place to hang it is right across the window so that it can bounce the light back. In this way, you get yet another major reflective surface, thus drastically raising the level of light within the room.

Also, a mirror (even the most expensive one) is a one-time purchase. For this price, you get a green and energy-efficient boost to your home’s lighting system.

#2 – Metallic accessories

Previously, we’ve discussed the importance of mirror in amplifying the power of the natural light within your home.

Due to the fact that metallic accessories have similar reflective properties, they too can be of immense help in this struggle.

Still, pushing this trend too far may make your home look cold, sharp and uncomfortable.

All things in moderation.

#3 – Transparent curtains

Transparent curtains
Transparent curtains

The next thing you should understand is the fact that when choosing curtains, you need to find a compromise between having privacy and having some light within the room.

You see, even a translucent shade conceals your indoor activities.

At the same time, it lets some sunshine enter the room, which should be a huge plus, on its own. Sure, not everyone is as comfortable with this idea, however, there are some scenarios in which you simply have to choose.

#4 – Glass is not your only choice

Glass windows are an industry standard, which is when it comes to choosing these household elements, the majority of people believes that their choice comes down to a number of panes (single-, double-or triple glazing).

What they fail to understand is the fact that there are affordable alternatives to glass which have a much better see-through ratio and the perspex sheets are a perfect example.

Therefore, this is something that’s definitely worth considering next time you decide to remodel the place.

#5 – Repaint the place

The right choice of paint can bring a significant amount of light into a dark room. Some colors are naturally bright, while others have reflective properties.

Naturally, these hues wouldn’t be a bad idea for a home theater but for a dark room that you’re looking to enhance and brighten up a bit, there’s simply nothing like it. As for the exact hues, sunny yellow, powder blue and lavender are the most obvious choice.

On the other hand, those looking for something a tad more neutral could also go for soft gray of pale pink.

#6 – Install a skylight

Install a skylight
Install a skylight

In the end, you can also engage in a minor construction project in order to both boost the influx of light in your home and improve its resale value. Still, for this to hold true, you need to ensure that it’s properly installed and that there are no leaks.

In the eco-friendly era that we’re living in, this kind of home improvement project may also make your home significantly more appealing to potential buyers.

Heck, in some scenarios, you can even use skylight to improve the ventilation of the place, thus making the place somewhat more pleasant.

In conclusion

The very last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that this project tends to be something you get to do once and the chance that will come from this might affect your every day.

Seeing as how the influx of natural light tends to improve one’s mood, you might just end up making your home more hospitable.

The benefits of this alone are far too great to be ignored.

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