6 Lighting Design Tips for Selling Your Home

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  • #1- Do a lighting audit
  • #2 - Update your fixtures
  • #3 - Boost your natural light
  • #4 - Consider automation
  • #5 - Pay attention to color temperature
  • #6 - Don’t neglect exterior lighting

Today’s real estate market is quite saturated and unstable, so every little thing can make the difference between a successful home sale and a missed opportunity.

What many people tend to neglect when they’re prepping their property for sale is lighting.

Here are a few lighting design tips that will make your home comfy, cozy and safe for your potential buyers:

#1 – Do a lighting audit

Start with a thorough inspection.

Open your curtains, turn all the lights on and take a good look at your space.

Try to do this in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening to get a good picture of how your lighting looks like at different times of the day.
One good way to realize how your buyers might see the space is to grab a camera and snap a few photos. This way, you’ll see all the flaws, dark corners and glare you might want to eliminate.

#2- Update your fixtures

Update your fixtures
Update your fixtures

Outdated fixtures won’t actually prevent you from selling your house, but they will not help either.

So, if you want to achieve a great price and sell your property quickly, replace and refurbish your dated lighting.

Today, you can find everything from hanging pendants to lamps in very modern and attractive designs. Pendants are especially popular when grouped, so forget about your recessed kitchen lighting and opt for trendy pendants to illuminate your island or dining table.

Another thing you can do to update your lighting is to install dimmers and new switches. An experienced electrician will get the job done in a blink of an eye and leave you with brand new and practical switches.

With a turn of a dimmer dial, your buyers will be able to get everything from bright lighting to a soft, ambient glow.

#3 – Boost your natural light

Natural light is the best kind of light.

It makes a space feel cosy and cheerful and it promotes wellbeing. So, if you see that your home lacks sunlight, turn your attention to your window treatment.

Tweaking your windows is the best and cheapest way to shower the space with warm sunlight. So, replace your heavy drapes with something light and airy. This will allow plenty of natural light inside while providing privacy and comfort.

If you’re ready for a bigger investment, you might want to provide sunlight to rooms that are often devoid of it. Install a skylight to your bathroom or kitchen and you’ll not only introduce natural light to the space, but also end up with an attractive design feature that might attract plenty of buyers.

#4 – Consider automation

If you want to attract younger buyers, you simply must invest in some sort of tech that will make their lighting needs easier.

For instance, Google Home and Apple Home devices are becoming everyday items across homes, so you might want to install them to your property.

Smart lighting can be connected to Wi-Fi and make all your lighting fixtures much more practical. The thought of moving into a home with an option of seamless connection and control of the lighting will definitely make your buyers happy and intrigued.

#5 – Pay attention to color temperature

Boost your natural light
Boost your natural light

The color of your lighting has a bigger effect on perception than previously thought and can affect your buyers’ decision.

Some bulbs have a soft and warm glow that is flattering to skin tones and makes people feel and look good.

If you want to present your spaces in the best light, especially bedrooms, make sure to provide them with bulbs with warm tones (around 2700 Kelvin). Even using light pink lights isn’t a bad idea since it showers the room with a healthy, rosy color that looks flattering.

Task lighting, however, requires something cooler and whiter. Treat your lamps to 3000-or-above-Kelvin bulbs that shed lighting perfect for working and reading.

#6 – Don’t neglect exterior lighting

If your buyers want to see the property in the evening, impress them with beautiful yet functional outdoor lighting.

Provide your house with ample illumination that will highlight and further boost your curb appeal and make your property stand out.

Good exterior lighting serves many purposes besides aesthetic. It can discourage burglars and boost safety (everyone wants to feel safe both inside and outside of their home).

Modern buyers are very savvy and will pay attention to every little detail of your property. So, don’t leave anything to chance and boost your lighting for a smooth and successful sale.

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