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10 Living Room Design Mistakes Homeowners Make

Story Highlights
  • 1 - Selecting the wrong sofa
  • 2 - Going for the showroom look
  • 3 - Buying a too-small rug
  • 4 - Improper layout planning
  • 5 - Hanging art incorrectly
  • 6 - Making it too perfect to live in
  • 7 - Sticking to one period and style
  • 8 - Forgetting to measure
  • 9 - Overlooking smaller items
  • 10 - Not testing your living room arrangement

Let’s face facts: we can’t all be interior designers, nor can we all afford one to glam up our homes.

However, this does not mean that we should live in rooms with outdated décor and furniture arrangements that are detrimental to the functionality of the room.

Most homeowners make common mistakes when decorating and organizing their living rooms, and these mistakes are so easy to fix or avoid entirely!

Here are 10 of the most common living room mistakes that everyone makes and some tips on how to go from drab to fab:

1 – Selecting the wrong sofa

Interior designers often hear that sofas are either too big or too small for a living room.

Make sure that you buy a sofa with the right dimensions in mind.

Buying on impulse is great for accessories and accent pieces but not when it comes to sofas. 

2 – Going for the showroom look

Naturally, we want our furniture to match but it is not a good idea to go for the showroom look.

It could end up looking like you bought everything from the same store and this becomes monotonous.

Be sure to mix different elements and textures. 

3 – Buying a too-small rug

Rugs are great and we are all for it but a too-small rug can ruin the entire atmosphere of the living room.

A small rug is fine for the bedroom but living rooms need a fairly large rug especially if you have a large living room. 

4 – Improper layout planning

Planning the layout of your living room is not something that can be rushed.

Sure, it will be easier to push the sofa against a wall and call it a day but you will never get the room you want if you do this.

Consider and create conversation groupings, especially if the room is long and narrow. 

5 – Hanging art incorrectly

Art hung incorrectly is an eyesore for any room.

Many interior designers agree that art hung at eye-level is the best way to go but this is not always the case.

If the ceiling is very low it is better to hang it a bit higher. 

6 – Making it too perfect to live in

Many people fall into the trap of making the living room ‘unliveable’. The sofas and décor look too precious to touch, never mind sit on.

Make sure that you choose furniture and décor that are functional for everyday use. 

7 – Sticking to one period and style

People often feel limited to the architecture of the home and tend to stick to furniture from a certain period.

Contemporary pieces work wonderfully with reworked vintage pieces or pieces from different countries. 

8 – Forgetting to measure

If you are going to mix the modern with the vintage, remember to measure the room and the pieces that you want to buy.

Traditional furniture is usually higher than modern pieces and you do not want to create an imbalance between the different styles. 

9 – Overlooking smaller items

When decorating a home, especially if you are first-timer, you can fall into the trap of creating a store-bought look.

Small pieces make all the difference and it makes the room more personal.

Add family artwork, photos, or heirloom to your new furniture to make it seem lived-in and approachable. 

10 – Not testing your living room arrangement

Finally, before you place your furniture, you must test your seating arrangement.

Consider the views that people sitting on the sofas will have.

If it is a large room, be sure to arrange the furniture so that it addresses everything else in the room. If it is a smaller room, consider the necessary window views.

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