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Make A Wine Rack From PVC Pipes

When undertaking a home plumbing project, or building a home, you’re always left with offcuts of PVC pipes in varying diameters. Adventures in Creating uses PVC pipe offcuts to create a wine rack that is so simple yet looks stunning.

Having seen the above wine holder for sale online at a cost of $150, Rachelle wondered how easy it would be to make a design knock-off for much less.


She used a Dremel MultiTool with cutting disk to cut the pipes to equal lengths. You can use a mitre saw or hack saw to cut the pipe if you don’t have a Dremel. NOTE: Be sure to wear eye glasses and a mask- pipe dust gets everywhere! After sanding and wiping clean, the pipes were ready to be joined together. Rachelle used a combination of screws and epoxy glue made for plastic.

Before assembly the pipes were marked and drilled to allow for screwing together with small nuts and bolts.. Epoxy glue was applied to where the pipes join and then screwed together. Join so that the nut end is in a smaller pipe and can be held with a pair of pliers.

The glue helped hold the pipes together. Leave the glue to cure for the specified time before getting ready to paint. To finish off your new wine rack, spray with a couple of light, even coats of Rust-Oleum 2X in your choice of colour.

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