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How to Make Any Bathroom Look Bigger In 7 Easy Fixes

Story Highlights
  • No.1 - Use the magic of mirrors
  • No.2 - Re-think the bathtub
  • No.3 - Embrace the magic of white
  • No. 5 - Push the walls back
  • No.6 - Tidy up
  • No.7 - Clear the walls
  • No.4 - Choose the right furniture

A beautiful bathroom might seem like a costly, unrealistic dream, but if you’re clever about design, you can create the feeling of luxury within whatever space you have.

And no, you won’t necessarily need to take on any major renovations along the way either!

In other words, don’t go knocking down walls until you’ve tried a few of these quick fixes:

No.1 – Use the magic of mirrors

From bathrooms to bunnies, mirrors really are ideal for all kinds of magic tricks.

Simply by reflecting the rest of the room, a mirror can make your bathroom appear up to twice its actual size.

The size of the mirror is key, as a large mirror will present a larger reflection, so choose a generously proportioned design and position it in front of the bathroom sink to reflect the room back at you.

No.2 – Re-think the bathtub

Bathtubs may be the epitome of bathroom luxury, but still they often go unused, especially during the summer months, making them a significant waste of space.

Of course, you might see a tub as a worthy investment if you have the time for a soak each week, but there are other ways to achieve a similar result without taking up so much room.

If you’re really set on making your bathtub the hero of the room, a simple update like a wall-set showerhead can help you make more economic use of the space you have.

No.3 – Embrace the magic of white

Shades of white are known to create the impression of more space, a clever optical illusion that could work wonders in your bathroom.

Fortunately, shades of white tend to look right at home in this space, from the tile job to the walls and anywhere in between.

However, if you’re set on flushing the space with some colour, you can still create an expansive appearance with soft, pastel shades like blush pink and baby blue.

No.4 – Choose the right furniture

The perfect furniture for your bathroom depends entirely on how much storage you feel you will need.

Floating vanities not only make the surroundings look larger, but also leave you with extra storage space underneath.

Buying narrow furniture which won’t stick out too far from the wall will also help to maximize your available space.

No. 5 – Push the walls back

In a not-so-literal sense, you can achieve the effect of pushing back your bathroom walls by removing as many visual barriers as possible.

By seeking out bathtubs, vanities, and showers with as few visible lines as possible, you’ll maximize visual perceptions of space.

Glass shower panels, in particular, are a popular trend, perfect for achieving that illusive combination of modern and classic. In fact, you can buy just about anything in a glass finish, but be wary of taking this trick too far – you don’t want your bathroom to look like a cabinet.

No.6 – Tidy up

You can’t overestimate the impact of a good spring clean on the appearance of your bathroom.

So many heavily-used products and tools can make it seem impossible to keep everything under control, but just by maintaining a designated space for any loose items, you can create the appearance of a far more spacious bathroom.

This is where little habits come to the fore, so make an effort to keep toothbrushes and toothpaste tidy in a holder, and store unused products inside the vanity cupboard, or even in the bedroom.

No.7 – Clear the walls

In most rooms, adding decorative features like photo frames or artwork to the walls adds character and personal style, but when you want to maximise your bathroom, it’s best to keep it bare.

The same rule also applies for things like wall-mounted soap dishes or towel racks, so consider using some of that storage space you’ve set aside, or even clearing more, to store your bathroom basics.

Anything you hang will encroach on the space, so simplify your style and watch the bathroom expand before your eyes.

In a room where renovations are often exceedingly expensive, any low-cost DIY improvements you can make are practically guaranteed to deliver a great return on investment, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Just make sure you don’t neglect your personal tastes in the name of optical illusions – balance and sophistication is the ultimate goal. 


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