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How to Make Composting Work for You

Composting has become something that a lot of homeowners turn towards in order to keep their gardens green all year round.

In today’s modern society, it is crucial that we keep on recycling the things that we can.

That’s why composting is such a popular method of maintaining your garden!

There are different ways in which people create compost, some more intricate than others, but as long as the pile is somewhat actively managed, then you are on the right path!

Here are a few easy ways in which you can compost your leftovers and turn your garden into something beautiful:

Cold composting

The main rule for making compost is to create a large pile by layering browns and greens and turning the pile regularly and to keep it at a warm temperature.

There is, however, another way of composting; one that will take a year or two but it cuts out most of the work that you are used to: this cold composting method consists of dumping all your vegetable waste in a compost bin and leaving it there. You can give it a turn every now and again to speed up the process, but even if you don’t it will still turn into a beautiful compost pile.

And in about a year’s time, you will have a rich, dark compost that you can use.

If you want to speed up the process, be sure to include coarse materials such as hay, weeds or even newspaper. By doing this you are trapping tiny pockets of air in the compost, making it easier for waste to be broken down.

Enclosed bins

A compost pile does not have to take up a lot of space or be an eyesore to those who wander around in the yard. Many people choose to put their compost in enclosed bins and this works great if you have a smallish yard.

Garden retailers and local hardware shops offer a variety of bins:

  • Open top bins:

    An open compost bin is basically just a box that you can use to store your compost in. It can be made out of wood or wire with some openings in the side for air.

    If you keep this type of bin in your garden, you will have to open one side in order to turn the pile from time to time.

  • Closed top bins:

    Enclosed bins are also known as compost digesters and they are usually a bit more expensive than open top bins. They are usually made of plastic and come in a range of different forms and sizes. They have a lid on top that you open to drop the waste in and a removable floor so that you can remove the compost again.

    An enclosed bin keeps out unwanted animals, but it also can’t be opened to turn so it takes longer to break down. You will also have to add water manually as no rain or moisture can get into the bin.

  • Compost tumblers:

    A compost tumbler is a metal or plastic barrel mounted on a frame so that it is easy to turn. This is the most expensive of the range of bins, but the most effective.

    It keeps out animals and rain, allowing you to turn it regularly. Once the tumbler is full, however, you are unable to add more materials.

Composting is a great way for you to use the leftovers from your table and to go green with your landscaping.

The earth and its flowers will thank you for your consideration!

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How To Make Composting Work
How To Make Composting Work

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