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How To Make Your Home Child-Proof Without Compromising Decor

Your baby is getting the age where they are learning to crawl, standing up against things and learning to walk.

This is a great time for every parent, but this also means that you need to change your décor and start to child-proof your home.

However, if there’s one thing you need to know, it is that you don’t really need to compromise on your décor!

You just need to think creatively:

The value of a playroom

The value of a playroom
The value of a playroom

You will be surprised at the value of a playroom near the living room. There, the toddler and the child can play and mess the room up with toys, and not need to play in the living room. Especially, if you know that you are getting guests.

The playroom doesn’t need to be large, and it doesn’t need to have a large variety of toys. Just some bright colors, their favorite toy or two, and a place where the toddler can sleep when you are watching television.

Many young parents are worried when they are child-proofing their homes, that they are going to compromise on their décor.

But, if you are clever and creative, you can incorporate your décor and have your home child-proof.

And, if you have room for a playroom, then you won’t have toys ruining your décor.

You can still display all your ornaments, just put it higher

Display ornaments higher
Display ornaments higher

When your baby is born, you will hear from everyone that you need to start hiding all those ornaments for the day that the baby is starting to stand up against things.

Whilst that might be true,  this doesn’t mean that you should really pack your ornaments away!

You should just display your ornaments, by placing it higher, where it’ll be safe from the baby.

With a great, stylish shelf, you can have your ornaments safe, and your baby will not be able to reach it and hurt himself.

The child-proof gadgets are necessary

The child-proof gadgets are necessary
The child-proof gadgets are necessary

This can be really painful for a toddler to get their little fingers stuck in between doors and closets. This is why it is necessary to add the bumpers at the doors.

However, these days, there are a variety of different bumpers that you can add to your door, making sure that you keep those little fingers safe, without compromising on your décor.

With just a bit of research, you will be able to find some great gadgets that you can install and use that will still make the home stylish!

Heck, if you don’t tell your friends about these gadgets, they might not even see that this is for child-proofing and rather just another décor item.

A stylish rug for the living room

Rug for the living room
Rug for the living room

Yes, you might want to change your expensive tiles for a rug. Once your baby is starting to crawl and eventually getting to walk one day, falling down on tiles can be really painful for the toddler.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should purchase a cheap, ugly rug. You can purchase a stylish rug that is going to be safer for the toddler, but that will still match your décor.

And, you don’t need to replace the tiles permanently. The time of having a toddler will pass and then you can remove the rug or carpet again.

So, you can see that there are some great ways to child-proofing your home without the need to change your décor!

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