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6 Ways to Make Your Home Luxurious Without Spending a Lot of Money

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  • #1 - Install moulding
  • #2 - Mix colours and patterns
  • #3 - Add carpets
  • #4 - The texture will make a big difference
  • #5 - Lighting for better ambience
  • #6 - Incorporate reflective surfaces for extra sparkle

Does your home need a little bit of upscaling?

Are you tired of your dingy walls and plain-looking furniture?

If so, this article comes to the rescue!

Thanks to these home improvement suggestions, you’ll be able to update the interior without breaking the bank – and there won’t be a need to call in those handymen either.

All you need to do is pick a few of our recommendations and watch your home looking like the most experienced interior designer had their hands on it:

#1 – Install moulding

Did you paint the walls only last year, but you were never quite satisfied with the result?

The walls still look like they can use a bit of touching up but you don’t know what to do?

The answer is, install crown moulding the next time you decide to work on home renovation. That will instantly add charm and character to your home.

If you have moulding already, consider replacing them with thicker ones to make the rooms look more luxurious. Add paneled look to your living room and bedroom by adding wainscoting as well.

It’s an affordable way to create focal points that will draw the eyes to it without spending a fortune. Cutting into baseboards and walls will require some serious work, but if you’re familiar with the work, feel free to do it yourself. Otherwise, you can always hire a pro.

#2 – Mix colours and patterns

Colours are a very powerful means of achieving a deluxe look in your home. That’s why you should think about painting the walls deep blue colour, for example, to make it look royal.

Feel free to have two walls in white and two in blue to add a lovely contrast to it.

However, if the furniture colours clash with blue, pick some other colour appropriate for your room. Always pay attention to the way colours fit in your interior because a combination of hues can make or break your interior design.

Black and white patterns on accent pieces and throw pillows can instantly add a wow-factor to the interior. Add a gold element here and there and you’ll immediately feel like you’re living in a million-dollar worth home.

#3 – Add carpets

Are you thinking about making your home look more inviting? Carpets are an ideal solution to that.

Look for expert carpet layers near you and have your rooms completely transformed from looking cold and empty to getting that posh and inviting vibe.

Scaling a carpet is essential to make the room look big enough. So, if you’re not carpet-savvy, allow the carpet layers you hire to do all the work, and turn your home into a true sanctuary everyone will love to spend time in.

#4 – The texture will make a big difference

Mix up a variety of woods, glass, metals, and woven materials to prevent a too matchy-matchy look, but still create a luxurious feel. 

A wool sofa, for example, a silk velvet pillow or a quality piece of leather, will instantly elevate the look of your home. The moment your guest lay their hands on these pieces, they’ll get that five-star-hotel feel.

A faux-fur blanket or sheepskin throw are all great alternatives for those redecorating on a budget. Fun pillows in chunky knit cases alongside brushed brass accent pieces are all you need to bring in the extra kick to the interior. 

#5 – Lighting for better ambience

The choice of lighting can make or break your interior design. That’s why you should think well and carefully before adding any more lighting fixtures to your living room or dining room.

Adding depth to a room is best done through layered lighting.

One option is to hang a pendant light in place of a traditional table lamp. Placing plug-in sconces next to furniture arrangements will allow you to update a space without breaking the bank.

#6 – Incorporate reflective surfaces for extra sparkle

Stylish mirrors on the walls will look super posh if they come in shiny reflective frames. Not only will they add sparkle to the room, but also make it visually larger.

The mirror will also reflect the light and instantly make the room brighter.

Bring in a sense of glamour into your interior with a glass coffee table in your living room. Kitchen appliances in reflective finishes, as well as mirror doors in your rooms, will all add a dose of glam to your home.

Final thoughts

Remodeling a home can be overwhelming and often pricey.

However, if you look into our suggestions, you’ll have it done quickly, without much fuss and at a very affordable price.

From installing moulding to repainting the walls and adding a variety of items to the décor, you won’t lack inspiration for your next home renovation and remodeling.

Some work may require you to hire pros, but you shouldn’t feel sorry for the money because once the experts are done with the place, you’ll have a brand-new-looking home that the entire family will love spending time at.


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