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How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Like a Chef Kitchen

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home because this is where warmth radiates during family dinners and even dinner parties. Everyone always seems to gravitate towards the kitchen.

Most people feel that their kitchens are too small, which is quite easy to then become envious of the Jamie Oliver’s on TV who seem to cook in culinary castles.

Small kitchens have their advantages, and if you know how to work them, you can easily find yourself in a cooking paradise as well by following these tips:

No.1 – Lighten it up

The best way to make your kitchen seem a bit bigger is to add some light to it.

Dark colours create the illusion that the room is smaller than it actually is, so move away from dark paints and tiles.

Rather paint your cabinets a brighter colour. White always reflects light best and it is the perfect option to create a bigger looking room.

Be careful that you don’t create a too sterile kitchen – use various shades of white and combine different textures.

Open shelves and glass doors can also make a room seem larger.

No.2 – Take your cabinets to the ceiling

The area above a cabinet is really not good for much, except for collecting dust and this can look quite hideous.

So, take your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, or simply extend the ones that you currently have.

If you feel like you can’t afford new cabinets right now, then you can simply add some decorative molding to the top of your cabinets. This will not only add an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen, but it will create the illusion that your cabinets go way up to the ceiling.

No.3 – Consider recessed shelving

Cabinets often take up space in a kitchen and the look is often very old fashioned.

You can easily add storage to a smaller kitchen by recessing a shelving unit into the wall between the studs.

Recessed shelving blends into the architecture, creates extra space and gives your kitchen a slick, modern look.

If you don’t have any space for recessed shelving in the actual kitchen, you can install it in the breakfast nook, hallway or practically anywhere near the kitchen so that your items are always within reach.

No.4 – Downsize your furnishings

People often make the mistake of buying massive appliances to fit a small kitchen. This only makes the kitchen look smaller than it actually is.

Consider downsizing the appliances you want to buy. You can also move away from bulky items and rather buy bar stools, kitchen islands, and other pieces that are visually lightweight. This won’t be as visually distracting.

Lightweight furnishings will also allow you to actually see your floors and walls beyond and it makes the room look larger. You will find that you will have more space to move around and that the look does not only remain an illusion.

No.5 – Let your light shine

As mentioned before, it is important not to keep your kitchen too dark as this can impact the illusion of size.

Natural light is a great way to let the kitchen seem bigger by day. You might not have an option about the number of windows in your kitchen, but you can keep window treatments to a minimum.

There are many ways in which you can achieve this look, but we prefer the following suggestion: thick blinds that add a classy, chic look, collect dust and help you dictate how much light is let in, or an opaque shade.


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