5 Quick Tips to Maximise Small Spaces

Whether you have just moved out of your parents’ home, moved in with friends, or bought your first home with your partner, it is always a big advantage to make the most out of your smaller spaces.

However, the chances are slim that you will find a home where all the rooms are big enough for everything that you own and you don’t want to cramp things up unnecessarily.

There are many easy ways to maximize the small spaces in your home. Here are a few tips you can try:

No.1 – Declutter

The best way to make the most out of a small living space is to declutter your belongings.

Throw away anything that you haven’t used in a while and only keep the items that are essential to your lifestyle. Holding onto the things that you don’t need will only make it more difficult to find space for everything in your new home.

Start with the drawers that have been labeled as ‘Everything Drawers’ (yes, we all have them). From there, identify the useful items and chuck the rest.

The reason why things land up in this drawer is that there is no need for it, or worse: you want to use it ‘one day’.

No.2 – Sort stuff into piles

Sort your items into 3 different types of piles: yes, no, and maybe.

It is ideal not to have a maybe-pile at all because you might have to deal with items more than once. Look at the item and immediately decide whether it is coming along for the move or not.

This might seem like a difficult task for those who value everything that they own, but there is an easy solution for that: ask yourself whether the item could be replaced if it got lost and how often it gets used.

No.3 – Be seasonal

If you are someone with a large wardrobe then this is something that will work wonders.

Try and keep your wardrobe seasonal by only hanging this season’s clothes in your cupboard. Winter coats and boots take up a lot of space if it is not being used and this way you can shop for even more summer dresses.

You can also decide to sell some of the clothing that you haven’t worn in a long time or that got lost in the fashion trends years ago.

Again, consider donating these items to charity but remember to check if they aren’t broken or torn before you give them away.

No.4 – Make some money

If you feel like the items you don’t want are too valuable to give away or throw away, you can always make some money by selling them.

You can either have a yard sale before you move, sell it to a secondhand shop, or go online and advertise it on sites like Gumtree or OLX.

This way, you hit two birds with one stone: you can get rid of your unwanted items and use the money to buy new items that will go perfectly with your new home.

No.5 – Donate

During your packing, you might discover things that you forgot you had and it might not have a place in the new home.

There are many charitable organizations that do amazing work and are in constant need of donations of any sort. Many charities only survive on donations and have very little, if any, funding from the government.

By donating, you are getting rid of clutter and you are helping someone less fortunate. Remember that you should only donate items that are useful and in good condition.

And obviously, if it is broken and unwanted, then it is best to throw it out.

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