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Mode Fridge Monkey

Bestseller of 2011, the Fridge Monkey is one of those products that no kitchen should be without. The flexible rubber mat is designed to maximise storage space and stop bottles or cans rolling around in your fridge.

Inspired by the brass monkey reputedly used on ships to stack cannonballs neatly and safely, the Fridge Monkey is a clever little design that can be used with almost any bottled or canned drinks.


Not restricted to one bottle size, it can be used to stack beer bottles, beer cans, spirits, mixers, alcopops, soft drinks, water bottles and even wine. The low profile of the Fridge Monkey means that once empty it can remain on the shelf and the rest of your fridge goodies can be placed on top.

Drinks not included – sorry!

Get yours now! Via YuppieChef

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