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6 Modern Decoration Tips: Turn Your Traditional Home into Millennial Paradise

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  • #1 - Find your personal style
  • #2 - Mix high and low shopping
  • #3 - Embrace minimalism
  • #4 - Welcome greenery into your space
  • #5 - Go with layers
  • #6 - Grab a statement piece

Many people think that Millennials only live in rented apartments and tiny homes (many do thanks to the failing economy), but there are Millennials who can afford a traditional family home and love this sort of traditional lifestyle.

However, just because they chose a nuclear family setup with picket-fence accommodation, it doesn’t mean they don’t love to spice it up when it comes to decoration.

Here are few ideas for new homeowners that will turn their basic homes into a chic Millennial paradise:

#1 – Find your personal style

If you want to live like a true Millennial, you have to think like one.

Most young people have been on social media since they were little, so they worked hard to build their personal style and grow their brand. This phenomenon can be translated into interior design by avoiding opposing aesthetics.

It’s best to find your style and keep it incorporated into your home. It doesn’t matter what you like (black-and-white, pastels, Boho, Art Deco) figure it out, keep it consistent throughout your home, and stick to it.

#2 – Mix high and low shopping

Millennials know when to be thrifty and when to splurge so high-low shopping trend is right up their alley.

High-low shopping is a great way to stretch your budget and still end up with all the items you’ve dreamed of.

For instance, you can hit Ikea and get most of your things there, but also consider that Eames chair you’ve always wanted.

#3 – Embrace minimalism

Millennials are strongly influenced by Marie Kondo and her “Tidy space, tidy life” philosophy, so it’s not a surprise this generation embraced minimalism to the fullest.

When decorating and furnishing, think about the quality of the items versus the quantity. Too many décor items will not only distract people from the beauty of the space but also reduce productivity and efficiency and boost stress (something none of us need right now).

#4 – Welcome greenery into your space

There’s one thing Millennials can’t resist and that’s greenery.

Millennials are the greenest and most eco-friendly generation, so it’s natural that they have plenty of potted plants in their homes.

Aside from being modern decorative elements, plants can also improve your living environment, increase your focus and wellbeing, and reduce stress.

For a fully Millennial effect, go big and bold with your plants. A large Dragon Tree or a dreamy Norfolk Island Pine will look amazing in any space and break the monotony in a subtle way.

#5 – Go with layers

If you want to keep your space functional and relaxing, but want to add depth and complexity to it, you can decorate your traditional living room with layers.

For instance, grab an extra piece of art and lean it against your mantle. Or, add extra softness to your floors by layering rugs. This will still allow you to maintain your desired aesthetics, but your space will get more dimension, depth, and interest.

#6 – Grab a statement piece

While Millennials know where to draw the line when it comes to decoration, they also know how to give every space a little something special.

Don’t overthink it: it might be that special piece of art you bought a long time ago, a sculptural chair in your living room, or a gorgeous console in your hallway. All of these items serve a dual purpose since they are beautiful and useful.

How do you like them apples? If you like these decoration tips, make sure to incorporate them into your home and enjoy relaxation, beauty, and functionality all in one!


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