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4 Modern Kitchen Amenities You Really Wish You Had

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  • Amenity #1 -- Get that integrated fridge
  • Amenity #2 -- Consider using designer lighting
  • Amenity #3 -- Thought of an under-counter composting unit
  • Amenity #4 -- Put in a drawer for food wrap

Many homeowners steer clear of renovating their kitchens because it can often feel like an unnecessary expense.

It does not, however, need to be a process that breaks the bank, and you would be surprised at the incredibly positive impact it can have on your home and family!

The kitchen is widely considered one of the most well-liked rooms in a person’s house, as it tends to be the hub of the home: meals are cooked and families come together to interact and touch base.

Putting the time and money into remodelling it is a venture we should all consider, especially because there are various ways to bypass the very costly aspects of it.

Take a look at these 4 modern kitchen amenities that will change how your kitchen works for you:

Amenity #1 — Get that integrated fridge

The refrigerator is an undoubtedly essential appliance but tends to be one that takes up a lot of space. Being able to move more freely and comfortably in your kitchen can be easily impeded by large, imposing appliances like the fridge.

An easy solution to this is to invest in an integrated refrigerator, as it immediately frees up a significant amount of space and creates a far more aesthetically pleasing look.

Once you locate the most suitable spot for your fridge, you can get started and integrate it. You can personalize this even further by working with a designer of your choice to find the perfect cabinet design.

Amenity #2 — Consider using designer lighting

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting. When renovating your kitchen, you want to make sure you’re enhancing even the most basic facets of it.

While lighting may be something that goes largely unnoticed, it has the most incredible impact on your kitchen and definitely deserves your consideration.

Thinking about what ambiance you want in the evening, and how to achieve it, is a fun and rewarding aspect of remodeling your kitchen.

During this process, be sure to hire a fully qualified electrician to do the wiring. In addition to having a professional overseeing the process, it is imperative that the cables, wires, and appliances you are installing are from a well-established company, as they can become dangerous fire hazards otherwise.

Amenity #3 — Thought of an under-counter composting unit

Because your kitchen is where you prepare (and often consume) food, it is important to keep it as clean and orderly as possible.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen will ensure that it is a safe place to cook, eat, and store food.

An under-counter composting unit allows you to easily get rid of food waste, straight from the counter and into the bin. Thereafter, you can empty the unit into the garden without any hassle.

The under-counter composting unit will have to be cleaned regularly in order to keep the kitchen clean and sanitary. Same for the countertops and sink which will also have to be regularly wiped down and cleaned.

Amenity #4 — Put in a drawer for food wrap

Plastic bags, wrappers, and foil can soon become unmanageable clutter that ends up all over your kitchen.

Having designated drawers is one way to ensure these bits remain as organized as possible.

While it’s impossible to guarantee it will stay neat and tidy all the time, it’s the easiest way to keep your kitchen in orderUpgrading your home can be a DIY-job or work with a designer to build cabinets and drawers that perfectly suit your needs.

Closing thoughts

Your kitchen should be a place you enjoy spending time and sharing moments in, and you don’t need to break the bank to make it that way.

Ensure you make use of professional electricians, contractors, and designers so that the end product is exactly what you want. And in order to make sure your kitchen is as safe as possible, it is highly advised that you invest in products and appliances that are of a decent quality!

Renovating your kitchen does not have to be the hassle it’s made out to be, and these 4 modern kitchen amenities are the perfect place to start!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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