Challenges of Moving to a New City

Most of us understand the stresses associated with moving house. Packing up a house can be tiresome and often emotional, and no one looks forward to the task.

Now add to this the prospect of a new town or city where you possibly don’t know anyone and will be totally unfamiliar with your surroundings. It can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, but if you keep a few things in mind, everything should go smoothly.

To-Do List

On top of all the practical aspects of moving – getting boxes, physically packing and planning your first night in your new house – there are important things that should be done in advance, especially when you’re moving out of your current hometown:

  • Making a to-do list of everything that needs to be taken care of and the date by which each task needs to be completed will take a lot off your mind.
  • Buy a road map or street guide of the place your moving to and acquaint yourself with the area that you are moving to.
  • Look out for features, such as parks, beaches or shopping malls.
  • Change all your forwarding addresses at least a week in advance.
  • Also, give your new postal address to the person moving into your old house so that anything you might have overseen ends up in your hands.

Moving company

A very important step is getting a quote from a moving company.

This should be done at least a month in advance, but the process starts before that. Most moving companies require that you supply them with a detailed catalogue of all your possessions.

Try doing this in one day, after all the less used objects have been boxed, about a week before you request the quotation. Go room-by-room and keep in mind all outdoor furniture.

Getting free boxes is easy: ask at your local bookstore; their boxes are sturdy and usually free.

Be sure to mark each box that you pack with a general description of its contents and what room it will go in so that the movers can unpack it accordingly!

Farewell parties are a good way to say goodbye to any friends or family that you might be leaving behind but don’t wait until the last minute to host one. Have the party a week before moving day so that you are well rested and ready to carry on with the necessary tasks and the actual move when the time comes.

Final preparations

On moving day, once the house has been cleared and doublechecked, the moving van has been packed and the journey is undertaken, keep to your usual road trip itinerary and consider at what time you will reach your new home.

It is better to sleep over along the road for one night than arriving at your destination tired and at a late hour. If you are sleeping over, make the appropriate arrangements with the moving company to try to coincide your arrival times.

Once you have officially reached your new house and started unpacking, consider getting takeout rather than searching for the right kitchen utensils and making a trip to the store.

Remember, this is a new place, so it might take you twice as long to get your shopping done the first time. This also gives you a chance to find out what your options are in the new area.

When all the unpacking is done, and you are settled in, it is time to explore:

  • Go for a walk if it’s a safe neighborhood.
  • Go to the local supermarket and do your shopping. Now is the chance to really get to know the local flavour and start enjoying the experience of living somewhere new.

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