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5 Must-Have Tools for Home Improvement

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  • No.1 - Painter’s multi-tool
  • No.2 - Painter’s pyramid
  • No.3 - Professional caulk gun
  • No.4 - Paint can pour and roll spout
  • No.5 - Dust-free drywall vacuum sander

When you become a homeowner, you also become the maintenance (wo)man of the property.

Something might inevitably break or need replacing and a handyman won’t always be (immediately) available.

Then what? Guess what – fixing your own home is quite liberating.

The only thing standing between you and this type of independence is the fact that you don’t own any tools. Don’t feel bad!

Many homeowners don’t even think of buying a set of tools when they first move in. There are, however, some basics that you need in your toolbox.

Here are five must-have tools for home improvement:

No.1 – Painter’s multi-tool

Any type of multi-tool that you buy is a brilliant investment. You can do a lot with it and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

A painter’s multi-tool is especially useful if you need to do some repainting around the house but you don’t really want to hire a painter to do it for you.

It allows you to scrape paint, spread putty, pull nails, drive screws, clean regular and mini paint rollers, and crack open a cold one at the end of it all. And the best part is that it fits beautifully in your pocket.

No.2 – Painter’s pyramid

Painting walls might not be the only thing that you want to paint. You might want to add some colour to that old bookshelf or paint a toy box you made for the kids.

Painting mobile objects are often difficult because you have to wait for the top part of the structure to completely dry before painting its bottom end.

Painter’s pyramids eliminate that problem because you can balance the paintable object on them without leaving any smears or smudges as you go along.

You can flip the object whilst it is elevated and paint the other side without waiting for it to dry. 

No.3 – Professional caulk gun

This tool is particularly useful if you have bought an older house and it needs some TLC. Of course, it still remains a good idea to get one if you bought a brand new home.

Caulk guns let you recaulk the seams around sinks, bathtubs, windows, and doors so ensure that there is a watertight bond at all times.

After removing the old caulk, a caulk gun is used to apply a thin ribbon of silicone to the seams. Caulking should be done regularly so you can never go wrong with this addition

No.4 – Paint can pour and roll spout

Paint is expensive and every homeowner tries to save as much paint as possible when they are repainting their home.

It is not always possible because so much paint is wasted when it drips or when it is left behind on the roller tray. Paint also has a nasty way of ruining hardwood floors and furniture if you are not careful.

A roller grid helps you save paint that would normally have been wasted in a roller tray and it keeps the lip of your paint can clear so that it is easily sealable when you are done. 

No.5 – Dust-free drywall vacuum sander

Drywall is easy to install, but it leaves a special type of mess that can be quite a headache to clean up (ask anyone who’s done some DIY at home).

The dust and debris from drywall sanding fly all over your home and you still need to clean it up long after the job is done. A vacuum attachment kit allows you to sand and vacuum at the same time, eliminating dust and the need to clean up afterward. 

All-in-all, home improvement doesn’t have to be confusing or tedious! These five tools will undoubtedly set you on the path to mastering maintenance. 



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