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5 Signs You Need To Update Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is like a trip to Paris – it’s always a good idea!

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and this warm, sunny room should be filled with friends, fun, and food on a daily basis.

Updating your kitchen can be easy if you know how and we have a few tips that will brighten, expand and liven up the place in no time!

Here are 5 signs that show you need to upgrade your kitchen (not that you need an excuse):

Sign #1 – Those appliances are so last year, darling

Maybe they were cool when you moved in or maybe they were housewarming gifts you couldn’t bear to throw away.

Whatever the case might be, if your appliances are old, they need to go. Not only can they be an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful kitchen, but think of the safety hazards that go with them.

If you have to say a prayer before turning the knob on your hob, it’s time to invest in a much safer and easier option!

Newer models are also more energy efficient which means that you are bound to save money from month to month.

Sign #2 – Give me space, please

Your counters are there to prepare food and if they are bombarded with appliances and other odds and ends, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

This does not mean that you have to start bashing in walls for more space: you can simply replace your counters with island counters and fit your appliances underneath.

If clutter is a problem, you can A) get rid of it or B) install shelves and cabinets to store the things that you need.

Your counters should be easily accessible to you at all times to create a functional working space.

Sign #3 – Chipping and peeling? No thanks!

Any sign of chipping, peeling or lifting means that you need a new kitchen:

After all, no one expects your kitchen to look brand-new forever, but these are sure signs of wear and tear!

Cracks and peeling are perfect breeding conditions for bacteria to form, posing a risk every time you prepare food!

Not only does it sound horribly gross, but it also doesn’t look very appealing, especially if you’re thinking about potentially selling your home in the near future!

Enforce your counters, your linoleum or tiled floors and your walls with materials that will last you at least a few years longer.

Sign #4 – The have-you-seen-my-spatula routine

Yes, we are going to address clutter: if you spend more time looking for utensils and tools to prep your food, you need to rearrange your kitchen.

Of course, there are days where we misplace things, but if you are constantly on the lookout for the odd spatula or spoon, then there’s a problem!

An unorganized kitchen leads to anxiety regarding cooking which leads to zero motivation for actually making food.

Make sure you have enough storage space and organize your drawers and cupboards in a way that you can find things easily!

Sign #5 – Say goodbye to ever selling your house

…okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it is very difficult to sell a house when the kitchen is unorganized and outdated.

Upgrading your kitchen before selling is the perfect way to hook buyers.

Buyers often want to move into a home where renovating is not needed and they seem to be drawn towards the kitchen first.

In other words, if a kitchen is outdated and unappealing, you’re going to have a tough time selling!

Upgrading your kitchen has to do with tweaking the finer aspects so that the bigger picture looks better.

Remodeling this room is a sure investment in the value of the house.    

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Signs You Need to Update Your Kitchen
Signs You Need to Update Your Kitchen

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