Organize Your Garage With GarageTek

Organize your garage…

Admit it. Your garage could use a makeover. We know you have always wanted a clean garage. You’ve envisaged the random mess and clutter off the floor. Imagine crossing from one side to the other without running an obstacle course, not being embarrassed every time you open your garage door or being able to find what you need. Imagine parking your car inside the garage again. A garage makeover has never been easier.

A GarageTek garage simplifies your life and brings more style to your home. Best yet GarageTek handles everything. We design it. We install it. You enjoy it. Our team of garage consultants will guide you each step of the way to create your dream garage in 1-2 days.

With unlimited flexible storage options, a GarageTek make-over delivers a stunning improvement to your home, creating a safe, functional and organised space. Our patented, garage-tough TekPanel is installed onto your garage walls giving you a bright clean, finished look and creating an entire room of potential storage space.

We then add GarageTek’s unparalleled line of modular accessories. The accessories cater to every lifestyle, making a GarageTek makeover the premium garage home improvement, designed for total flexibility, expansion and durability.

The Beginning

Every few years, something remarkable comes along that through its sheer brilliance of concept and design, changes the way we live our lives. Soon we wonder how we ever managed doing things the old way! GarageTek’s organisation and storage system for the garage is one such innovation. The GarageTek system is a masterful combination of elegant styling and advanced engineering which has for many years, been transforming American, Canadian, British, Australian, Russian and more recently South African garages into safe and organised spaces. A place for everything and everything in its place.

We have 100+ aesthetically coordinated components, all cleverly designed allowing a complete garage makeover from ceiling to walls, lighting and the floor.

So what are YOUR requirements?

We do:

Cabinets & Shelving Workbench & Hobby Lifestyle Accessories Flooring Safety stations Ceiling Systems

What kind of Garage Makeover is right for you?

  • My garage is a mess
  • Sports Lover,
  • Kids, Kids, Kids
  • DIY’er
  • My car is my life
  • I dig gardening

For more information contacts us on: Email: [email protected]

Free phone: 0800 GARAGE

Head Office and Showroom: Unit 1 134 Kushke Road Meadowdale 1614

Showrooms Opening Soon:



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