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6 Things You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Bathroom Renovation

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  • 1 - Do Your Research
  • 2 - Designate a Budget
  • 3 - Determine a Backup Plan
  • 4 - Clearly Separate Your Home
  • 5 - Don’t Forget About Ventilation
  • 6 - Decide on an Aesthetic

Getting ready for a construction project after buying your home requires a significant level of preparation.

While bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, renovations on these spaces can also cause a major disruption to routines.

Don’t let this remodel upend your life. If you want to avoid feeling these disturbances in your life, there are many factors that you need to first consider.

Consider these tips on everything you want to prepare for before you start your bathroom renovation project:

1 – Do Your Research

Whether you are considering contractor options or do it yourself plans, make sure that you have a well-researched plan before you begin.

While DIY projects can be useful for a tight budget, keep in mind that you lack a professional’s insight and opinion.

If you look to take on the project yourself, you still need to make sure that you don’t miss important factors such as installing a water softener. If you are unaware of important factors in your project, you can find yourself dealing with a nightmare before you know it.

2 – Designate a Budget

Once you have begun your process, you should ensure that you decide on a budget and agree to stick to it.

This is important because once you begin a renovation project, you may find yourself getting swept up in the glitz and glamour of finishes, décor, and all the other costly extras that may pop up.

If you have the guiding light of a budget, you can avoid dealing with a costly project that is well outside what is reasonable for your financial circumstances.

3 – Determine a Backup Plan

While bathrooms are a relatively small section of your entire home, it can be surprising how much the lack of this small space can impact your home.

Even though it is small, this is a room that sees significant traffic. If you no longer have access to that one space, you need to have a backup plan.

Consider who uses that bathroom, what purpose it holds, and then determine what your contingency plans are for that space to avoid annoying disruptions to your daily life.

4 – Clearly Separate Your Home

Again, while the bathroom can be a small section of your home, it also can create a great deal of debris.

Make sure that the construction zone is completely sectioned off to avoid the disturbance of debris and dirt.

There may be a great deal of dust coming from this area, so it is especially important for those with respiratory issues, to have a dust plan to help avoid health crises.

Creating a section of your home for living and a section for construction can help you avoid health issues and unnecessary disruptions to your life.

5 – Don’t Forget About Ventilation

A critical component of bathrooms is the ventilation system.

Due to the moisture that can build up due to showers and bathtubs and the necessary airflow, make sure that you don’t forget about ventilation.

While airflow will be important, you also need to know where that air goes. This is an optimal time to consult a professional to ensure that you have the most efficient setup possible.

6 – Decide on an Aesthetic

Deciding on the aesthetic of your newly remodeled bathroom can be one of the most fun steps of the process.

Determining what fixtures, colors, and designs will adorn your new space can be a great deal of fun. Make sure to create a cohesive vision for this space, as it is even more important in small spaces to have a cohesive feel for the area.

Find a focal point for the design, and that can be anything from the floors to the cabinets to the bathtub to create your dream bathroom.

Bathroom remodels can be surprisingly disruptive for such small spaces. You must take the time to properly prepare if you want to avoid any additional stress or tension from this renovation project.

If you take the time to create a reasonable and well-researched plan, you can walk away from the result with a dream bathroom that didn’t turn your hair grey.


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