Prepping Your Home For Sale? Here’s Why You Should Hire a Handyman

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  • Why should I hire a handyman?
  • Projects your handyman can complete
  • Handyman vs Contractor?
  • Choosing the right handyman

When you decide to sell your home, you might discover that it is not as ready to be sold as you thought it is.

You might find some chips, cracks, and damage that need replacing. You might look at the exterior of your house and see that it needs a new paint job. You might even have to repair an entire wall by yourself.

There might be other repairs that are easy to fix yourself, but then you might not have enough time to get to the bigger things; the things that really need your attention.

This is where a handyman comes in…well, handy! 

Why should I hire a handyman?

Most buyers want to buy a move-in-ready house. This means that the house should be in the best shape possible.

All the repairs should be done before the house is listed and all the renovations should be completed before the buyers move in. Apart from bigger repairs like these, everyday maintenance is just as important. Not only does it help to keep your house in great condition but it also increases the value of your home

A handyman can help with all of the above. Whether you need to retile the bathroom or install a small fixture, a professional handyman is equipped for the job. Handymen can offer a wide variety of services like electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, or laying carpets. They might also find areas in your home that are in desperate need of repair without you knowing.

Having a handyman complete the work before you sell, minimises the risk of buyers negotiating a lower price because your house will be in tip-top shape. 

Projects your handyman can complete

As stated above, there are many projects that handymen can complete.

Before hiring a handyman, however, make sure that they have the necessary certification and licenses. You don’t want to hire someone unqualified and sit with bigger problems than you started with.

Here is a list of things that a handyman can help you out with:

  • Fixing a broken garbage disposal
  • Repairing or calibrating an HVAC thermostat
  • Replacing a mailbox
  • Anchoring or installing shelves
  • Painting walls
  • Applying and removing wallpaper
  • Adding locks to the interior or exterior doors
  • Repairing drywall
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Power washing brick or siding
  • Fixing cracks in stucco exteriors
  • Installing an exterior walkway

Should I hire a handyman or a contractor?

Depending on the repairs that need to be made, you don’t always have to hire a contractor to do get the job done.

A handyman can come out for that once-off project and they tend to be less expensive. They usually charge by the hour and they bring their own tools which is good news if you don’t have your own set of tools.

However, if you need extensive repairs or remodeling done, it is better to hire a contractor. They specialise in certain areas like roofing and plumbing, and they will also include a warranty in their price. 

Choosing the right handyman

Finding the right handyman, just like everything else, starts with research.

You can go online and search for reputable handymen in your area. Be sure to read as many reviews as you can. You can also talk to your neighbours, friends, and family to find out whether they can recommend anyone. Don’t be afraid to interview the handymen and ask for references before you appoint them.

Remember that you are paying for the service and you are leaving your beloved home in their hands. It’s only fair that you have as much information about the person as possible. 

Handymen can save you time and money because they do the job right the first time. With these few tips, you can find the right handyman with confidence.

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