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Qualities of Successful Real Estate Agents for 2020

Story Highlights
  • 1 - Determination
  • 2 - Integrity
  • 3 - Understanding of the market
  • 4 - Organization and tech skills
  • 5 - A good network
  • 6 - Mastery of words

Real estate is a very desirable career today. However, it requires a lot of specific skills that will ensure you make it in the business and earn some good money.

Do you have what it takes?

If you want to find out what a successful real estate agent in 2020 needs, here’s a list of qualities you need to work on:

1 – Determination

Determination to succeed is very important in this job.

For a good real estate agent, defeat is not an option and every deal and every client is equally important.

In order to push though, you need to be stubborn, almost relentless when it comes to protecting your client’s interests. If this behavior is not in your nature, you’ll need to work extra hard to succeed in real estate.

2 – Integrity

Real estate transactions usually involve a lot of money, and if you’re serious about having a long-term career in this business, you need to have strong integrity.

Only that will ensure you’ll be kept around long enough to gain experience.

People who break the law or care more about themselves instead of their clients can expect some gain, but in the long run, they will soon be out of business.

3 – Understanding of the market

Knowing “how’s the market” is one of the most important things to have in mind at all times.

As soon as you tell someone you’re in real estate, you can quickly expect that question, so make sure to stay informed.

If you fumble with the answer, there’s a big chance your clients will look for an agent that’s better qualified.

4 – Organization and tech skills

If you need to describe what real estate agents do in two words, think in terms of “project management”.

Every house purchase or sale is a big project, and you’re here to oversee it and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Therefore, you’ll need plenty of basic organizational skills or have someone by your side who can do that part for you.

Also, while real estate is still largely paper-based, we already see plenty of changes when it comes to tech use. In the near future, all documents, verifications, and processes will be digitalized, with other parts of the business soon to follow.

So, if you run away from using technology, expect to have an increasingly harder job in the future.

5 – A good network

Many people cringe when they hear the word “networking”, but this activity is truly crucial for conducting a good real estate business.

Of course, you don’t have to push your agenda too much, but make sure to be comfortable when discussing your job with strangers and don’t hesitate to form connections.

6 – Mastery of words

Good communication skills are key to real estate success.

You and your clients will come across many stressful days, so you’ll need to offer advice, make them feel good and keep them pushing forward. In order to do so, you need good communication skills that will allow you to say the right thing at the right time.

If you want to be really fluent, make sure to check out Monkey Tree ESL courses perfect for non-native speakers of all levels of knowledge. This will give you the confidence to use your words to your full advantage.

Additionally, you also need to be able to negotiate like a pro. This is an important skill that involves a lot of expertise. Some are naturally gifted with a negotiation talent, while others need to practice it. However, make sure to work on this skill because it’s what shows your value to buyers and sellers.

All-in-all, with all of these skills up your sleeve, your clients will trust you and your competition will envy you. Good luck, you can expect a good career in real estate.

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