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Real Estate Marketing Strategies You Should Consider in 2020

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  • 1 - Get involved with social media
  • 2 - Make your website responsive
  • 3 - Improve your customer service
  • 4 - Include video marketing
  • 5 - Partner up wisely

The real estate industry is highly competitive but this is exactly what has captivated those who are in this business in the first place. The competition keeps you on your toes and pushes you to adapt and impress yourself all the time.

Among the aspects that are often altered are the marketing strategies employed. After all, good marketing is everything in the world of real estate. 

Given the new year just started, it might be best to get a head start already by coming up with ways to improve your present marketing strategy. With that in mind, here are a few pieces of advice on optimizing your marketing strategy:

1 – Get involved with social media

As we have all learned by now, social media isn’t solely useful for communication alone – it has found its way into almost every home, as well as office. Businesses thrive on social media and owe a portion of their success and the number of customers to its power. Having said that, if you aren’t already using social media, there’s no better time than now to try it out!

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are great for both connecting with prospective clients and promoting your services because they allow you to directly engage with your audience.

People are usually more interested in how the property looks so instead of praising it vehemently, let the images speak for themselves. List some basic information on the property and you will attract their attention in just the right way so they are prompted to contact you. 

2 – Make your website responsive

Smartphones have become the lifeline for many individuals and they are used for everything from searching for the nearest restaurant to purchasing car parts online. It is no wonder people feel lost without them in the moments the battery is empty or if they forget it at home. This is why it is imperative to work on the responsiveness of your website.

Mobile-friendly design isn’t the same as a mobile responsive one since a lot of mobile-friendly websites just look good on your mobile phone, but their functionality is not at a satisfactory level.

Your website should be fully-functional on a device of any screen size and this is how you will attract modern-day customers who are always on the go.

3 – Improve your customer service

The real estate business is closely connected with building a rapport with your future customers. Buying a house is for most people the biggest investment of their lives so it is only natural they have a lot of questions. Even a couple of visits to the house before purchasing it is completely understandable.

You need to be there for them, respond quickly to their questions and try to inform them as much as you can. This is because what is considered common knowledge in the real estate world might be mind-boggling to an average person.

Returning customers are a gift and they also need to receive special attention from your customer service team. In that team, you need patient and proactive people with a gregarious disposition and this is something to keep in mind when hiring new employees.  

4 – Include video marketing

Data from 2018 show that every month, more than 85% of Internet users watch online videos (on any device).

This percentage is very likely to be higher in 2020. After all, aren’t we said to be mostly visual creatures who love living out stories through videos as we find them engaging and entertaining? 

Video marketing in real estate plays a major role in providing customers with an idea of how it would be like to live in a house which is something busy buyers appreciate. Besides making walk-through tours and showing every nook and cranny, you can also make themed video content through which you could offer advice useful to the home buyer.

The property that you offer can be at an incredible location and sold for unbelievably affordable prices but if you don’t know how to market them right, it wouldn’t do you any good. From word-of-mouth to digital, marketing has always possessed a significant role in the real estate business and this is why you need to adapt it to the newest trends.

5 – Partner up wisely

Partnering up can be done between you and any business from the real estate niche. You can support and promote each other’s offers, exchange experiences, and advice, all depending on the type of your agreement. 

In addition to that, if you are planning on expanding your business in 2020 somewhere more exotic than South Africa, such as Indonesia, for example, you might need to tap into local information sources. This is why many new investors consult with property brokerage company Invest Islands whose knowledge of the Indonesian market and the laws can be of great help.

Regardless of the country you choose, it is best you find local real estate experts because they will help you maximize your investment and uphold the law at all times.

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