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5 Tricks to Forever Remove Bad Smells From Your Home

Even if you have a beautiful home that always looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine, there is one thing that can be very off-putting to guests: bad smells.

Whether it is pets, cooking gone wrong or just plain old mustiness, bad odors have no place in an exquisite home. Or any home for that matter.

Unfortunately, this might be the only thing your visiting home buyers will remember!

Banishing odors might not always be easy and cleaning aids do not always work, so here are a few tips and techniques for you to employ to get rid of that stinky scent:

#1 – Pet pee

This one is always the first that visitors mention and what tends to chase away home buyers!

They’re cute and cuddly and you love them dearly, but dog urine, or worse, cat urine is the most persistent smell on the planet. The odor might be successfully masked during showings, but it will resurface sometime or another.

Luckily, there are sprays that contain enzymes that break down the odor molecules to remove the stench. Soak the spot with the spray and let it seep deep down into the carpet or the floors. If that does not work, then you might have to pitch a section of the carpet or the floor.

In the end, pets are creatures of habit, so replacing it entirely might just work in your favor.

#2 – Yesterday’s dinner

So you tried your cooking hand at some tuna and it didn’t quite go exactly as you wanted.

Now you are left with a smell that makes the wallpaper curl.

Open doors & windows and switch on the fan next time you cook something with a sharp smell, like fish, would already be a great start in eliminating the smell!

Clean the cooking utensils immediately after use. If the smell is still lingering, set a shallow bowl filled with vinegar or coffee grounds on the counter to absorb the smell overnight.

You can also close the other doors in the house whilst cooking to prevent the smell from traveling throughout the home.

#3 – Whatever is in the sink

If you smell a bad odor near the sink, you should check the drain and garbage disposal. Rotting meat or produce can get stuck here and create a major stink.

If you want to deodorize the grinder, place two or three slices of an orange or lemon in the disposal, turn on the water and flick on the switch.

You can also use ice combined with rock salt, white vinegar or simple mouthwash to rinse the odor out of the garbage disposal.

#4 – Lingering garbage

Even if you have taken out the garbage, the can still lingers with traces of bad odors. The best way to banish the smell is to wash the can or the bin completely.

You can then make an odor-eating sachet: place coffee grounds, a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, and a few cloves in the center of a coffee filter. Close it with a rubber band or a twist tie and place it at the bottom of the can below a new trash bag.

This will prevent the bad odors from resurfacing when you take out the trash again.

#5 – Pungent paint

Painting your house can leave you coughing on fumes for quite some time!

  • Before painting, peel a large onion and slice it in half.
  • Place each half on a bowl and position them on opposite ends of the room.
  • After the onion absorbs the paint fumes, wrap it up and toss it out.
  • The smell of the onion will linger instead of the paint, and don’t worry – the onion smell will disappear after about an hour which is much better than that horrid paint smell.

You don’t have to live with foul smells! Beat them with these easy and cheap tricks.


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