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Renovations that Give the Best Return on Investment

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  • #1 – Create a home office
  • #2 – Spruce up your outdoor area
  • #3 – Renovate that kitchen
  • #4 – Install smart features
  • #5 – Get touch-free sanitation fixtures

When renovating your home, you want to make renovation choices that will create a big return on investment.

Many homeowners choose the wrong types of renovations and when they sell, they don’t make the money back that they’ve spent.

Renovating requires forward-thinking and clever spending, and knowing which upgrades are more important than others.

Here are some of the home renovations that will deliver the best return on investment.

#1 – Create a home office

The pandemic forced most of the workforce to work remotely. Even with COVID-19 cases dropping, many people are still choosing to work from home.

Experts predict that this trend will continue for the next few years which is why a home office is all the more a smart investment.

Converting a spare bedroom into a home office gives you the freedom to work from home in a comfortable working environment. It also separates you from the rest of the household so that you can focus all your energies on what you are busy with.

Creating or overhauling your home office, therefore, should undoubtedly be at the very top of your renovation list. 

#2 – Spruce up your outdoor area

If you don’t have an outdoor living area, now is the perfect time to create one.

Most people spend the best part of the year at home and they prefer entertaining in their own home rather than going out.

An outdoor area is a perfect way to enjoy your garden and to soak up some sun during our gorgeous summer months.

Outdoor spaces are highly valued and many potential homeowners are looking for homes with functional outdoor areas.

If you already have an outdoor area, you can easily spruce it up with a few new items. 

#3 – Renovate that kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and buyers often measure the value of the house by looking closely at this room.

When you renovate the kitchen, spend a little bit extra to make sure it reflects its importance in the house.

Big kitchens always attract buyers especially when they are fitted with modern fixtures.

Don’t get too carried away by the aesthetics though. Remember that it also has to fulfil a function when it is complete. 

#4 – Install smart features

Smart homes are the homes of the future and not just because of the cool technology they use. These homes give the homeowner more control of the safety and security of the house.

With everything becoming more and more connected, it is a no-brainer that smart homes will sell better than their traditional counterparts.

A fully-integrated suite of smart services will definitely attract the buyer of the future and will unquestionably lead to a higher return on your investment.

Research as much as you can to see which smart features are more popular than others. 

#5 – Get touch-free sanitation fixtures

Since the start of the pandemic, people have become far more concerned about their health and safety. There are sanitizing stations at shops and around every corner.

It doesn’t seem like the pandemic is going away any time soon so you can alter your house to match the touch-free world.

Buying an automated air-purifier or hand soap dispenser that you can mount to the wall are only two examples of how you can create a safe environment at home.

For more permanent fixtures that will attract buyers in the future, consider touch-free taps and toilet flushers. 


Not all renovations are equal and some are more desirable than others. Do as much research as possible to ensure that your renovations give you the best return on investment. 

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