How to Rent Without Credit Check

Many of us worry about credit checks when we purchase a house, especially if our credit score is less than stellar.

For those who know that their credit score is close to a horror movie, perhaps it would be best to try and skip that check altogether!

We all know that credit scores often don’t tell the renter’s full story: it won’t tell you whether or not the renter will nicely pay their rent each month going forward; it only tells you how the renter feels about their responsibilities.

These 4 tips will hopefully help you to rent without credit check:

#1 – Look beyond rental service providers

Rental services aren’t the only place for you to look for your next home: local (Facebook) message boards, classifieds and websites are great ways to start independent searching for listings.

Industry experts recommend that you search for listings “by owner” instead of through a rental agency!

This puts you in direct contact with the landlord and you can cut out the middleman completely.

They will then be able to make an objective and informed decision, evaluating you by your merits, and not simply by just your credit score.

#2 – Use your current and prior landlords as references

Experienced landlords know that even tenants that have perfect credit score can be nightmare renters.

If your credit score is below average, then you should give your prior and current landlords as references to put you in a good light.

Let’s face it: this can go a long way as an attempt to smooth out any inconsistencies or queries in the credit score, especially if you can get two or more landlords to advocate on your behalf. They can help prove your timeous rent paying, treating rental well and being a great tenant in general.

Needless to say that a good impression from one landlord to another goes a long way!

#3 – Offer more upfront

An untraditional and unusual way is to offer more than the required deposit upfront:

  • This tells the landlord that you are serious about being a responsible tenant.
  • A double deposit will make up for lacklustre credit scores.
  • It shows that you are willing to make good on any potential damages or disputes that might occur while you are a tenant.
  • It can put the landlord at ease far more than any amount of money ever can.

#4 – Flaunt what you’ve got

Okay, we must admit it that this is a rather unorthodox way to create a first impression by letting your new (future) landlord have a taste of the way that you are living now: invite them to see your car and your current abode! 

This is potentially a way you will be able to create a positive image of how you take care of yourself and your possessions, and how you can afford the lifestyle that you have despite your less-than-stellar credit score!

If they are open to the idea, invite your landlords to come and take a look at how you care for the things you already have in your possession.

But be careful of this invite – you should only do it when you are absolutely confident about your way of life.

And yes, it would rather be unwise to invite your landlord if your home or car is an absolute mess. Then again, a negative image is quickly created as well!

All-in-all, it is quite easy to dodge the credit checks that occur before signing the lease agreement and with these tips, you ought to be able to show your new landlord that you are a responsible tenant and that you can look after his or her property whilst taking care of yourself.

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How to Rent Without Credit Check
How to Rent Without Credit Check

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