Rental Property: From House to Home

Rental real estate is a competitive field as tenants are shopping around. Too many landlords aren’t adjusting to current market conditions in South Africa, resulting in more and more rental properties remaining vacant.

With the competition being fierce, you need to step up your game to really appeal to prospective renters.

Presentation plays a dominant role in signing a rental agreement, so it is of the utmost importance that you put extra effort into establishing a certain level of appeal with your rental property.

With the below quick tips and tricks, you can do exactly that:

#1 – Focus On the Kitchen and Bathroom

The whole property, of course, should be polished and presentable, but it’s the kitchen and bathroom spaces that can really make or break an agreement. These areas hold more importance overall.

Obviously, a quick, fresh coat of paint will revive the space, and this is particularly true for the kitchen and bathrooms, where stains and dinginess are more likely to occur. However, if you really want to impress potential renters even more, matching, new modern appliances are a sure-fire way to boost the appeal.

#2 – More Paint, Please

As mentioned, a new coat of paint is an easy and frugal way to perk up any space.

For extra luminance, stick to a satin or semi-gloss variety of paint; flat paints tend to look less vibrant at best and dull at the worst. Additionally, a glossy variety makes it easier to clean to maintain that fresh feeling. It’s also a smart idea to stick to neutrals.

Think about it: one person might love the idea of a blue-colored room, but it may turn away others that simply don’t like the color on their potential walls.

Thus, it’s better to appeal to a larger number of people by sticking to neutral colors, so that you maximize your odds of renting the space.

#3 – First Impressions Matter

First impressions are important, and rental properties are no exception:

  • Make sure your property makes a good first impression by keeping the outside primped and polished.
  • Remove any trash that might be lying around, and remove any weeds.
  • Plant some flowers that are attractive but low-maintenance to add a friendly, happy vibe to the outdoor space and entryway.
  • Dispose of any dead plants; that tends to have the opposite effect.
  • Remove chipped paint and touch up wherever needed.
  • Just like the inside, some new paint or siding can do wonders.

Most of the time, you’re renting more than just a living space; you’re renting out a temporary home. Keep that detail in mind when you’re setting up for a viewing or open house of the property.

Paint isn’t the only thing that goes a long way; kindness and consideration can get your pretty far as well.

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