5 Renter-Friendly Remodel Ideas That Won’t Damage the Apartment

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  • No.1 - Display free-standing art
  • No.2 - Faux wallpaper
  • No.3 - Wall decals
  • No.4 - Customize cabinets with colourful paper
  • No.5 - Carpet squares

If there is one disadvantage when it comes to renting, it is that you can’t always remodel the place the way you want to.

You might feel the urge to repaint those dull walls or retile the kitchen floors but you always have to put your plans on hold.

Just because you can’t do physical remodeling does not mean that the place can’t have your touch of style. You should feel at home in your apartment, even if you are renting.

Here are 5 ways to remodel your apartment without any permanent changes:

No.1 – Display free-standing art

Some landlords are so fussy that you can’t even make holes in the walls. However, this should not stop you from putting up your beautiful art pieces.

Skip the hangers and hooks, and let your art stand freely in the room. You can use a variety of support structures like countertops, shelves, dressers, and tables.

Heck, you can easily create a small gallery at the entrance to your apartment or you can lean them against the walls and let them stand on the floor to fill up any empty spaces.

No.2 – Faux wallpaper

Call it faux wallpaper, removable wallpaper, or temporary wallpaper, it all boils down to the same thing: an easy, affordable AND non-permanent way to change the look of your walls when you move in and peel them off when you move out.

Removable wallpaper is much easier to install, unlike normal wallpaper, and it won’t give you strands of grey hair when you tear it down. Some of them are so durable that you can take them down, wash them, and reuse them.

No.3 – Wall decals

One of the best inventions in interior design must be wall decals. Peel-and-stick decorations can bring so much life into a room and it can really add a personal touch to the walls.

There are so many different wall decals to choose from and you will definitely find inspiration as soon as you start looking for them.

There are companies that create custom-made wall decals if you are looking for a bespoke look or you can simply repeat a certain pattern across a wall to create a unified effect. This is a great way to redo your walls without painting them.

No.4 – Customize cabinets with colourful paper

You have probably heard of contact paper and how nifty it is for changing the look of the inside of the cabinet.

But did you know you can use it for the exterior as well?

It is extremely easy to cut and all you do is stick them on the cabinets or drawers that you want to refresh and you can easily create a whole new look for your bathroom or kitchen.

These are not always as easy to use as wall decals, so be careful if you are a first time user. It would be best to work with a guide on this one.

No.5 – Carpet squares

If you want to have carpeted flooring, it may be difficult to get it past your landlord. It is a very permanent installation and it is quite costly.

Luckily, there is a cheaper alternative: carpet squares.

You can use a variety of different carpet squares and simply lay them over your current floors. After you are done mixing and matching the patterns, use double-sided carpet tape to ensure that they stick to the floors.

Once your lease is up and it is time to move, you simply peel them off the floors and it is as if they were never there.

Being a renter does not mean that you have to live in a dull apartment. With these few tricks, you can easily make your mark!

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