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8 Roofing Industry Trends to Watch For In 2020

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  • #1 - Lighter Roof Tiles
  • #2 - Reflective Paints
  • #3 - Heat Resistant Materials
  • #4 - Synthetic Materials
  • #5 - Metal Roofing
  • #6 - Silicon Roof Finish
  • #7 - Solar Powered Panels
  • #8 - Green Roofing Options

It goes without saying that building a home requires a dedicated amount of passion, commitment, and devotion. Homeowners spend a significant amount of their resources – time, energy and money – when constructing the house of their dreams.

The planning for your home entails everything from the architectural design to finding the right construction service contractor, from choosing the color for the interiors to deciding the type of curtains. 

The same goes for the roof of your home. The roofing system is literally the head-crown of your house and responsible for saving the residents from
harsh weather conditions, such as heat, strong winds, heavy rainfall, hurricanes, and/or the cold.

It is always suggested to spend a notable amount of time deciding the type of roofing that you want to go with (or will go well with the prevailing environmental conditions you live in).

Hire such a construction contractor who is also a prominent roofing expert in the industry. Never settle for less when it comes to your living space as your home is your refuge and shelter in the moments of adversity.

Prevailing Roofing Trends in 2020

If you are looking to replace the old roof your house or building a new one, the foremost thing that you need to do is to check for the modern roofing industry trends.

Homeowners residing in different types of regions may put different varieties of roofing systems.

It means (1) if you live in a relatively warmer area with scorching sun-heat most of the day, your house may demand a cooling roof with lighter colors, or (2) for people living in areas with heavy rainfalls, angled roofing shingles prove to be the best.

To keep you updated on the current and upcoming roofing trends in the industry, we have made up a list of all the consumer-favorites in 2020:

#1 – Lighter Roof Tiles

Traditional roofing colors -brown, black, grey are getting less popular with the advent of 2020. New and experienced homeowners are shifting towards experimenting with more light and warmer hues. 

Builders and construction contractors have well understood this changing drift in the roofing trends, and are now providing the consumers with more practical options.

Colors like off-whites, beiges, pastel greens, and blues are more common these days. Roofing contractors are coming up with new styles and patterns of the roof finishes with every passing day to please their customers. 

Homeowners all around the world have shown a major shift towards lighter and cooler hues as they are quite a good sun UV rays reflectors.

#2 – Reflective Paints

Those days are in the past when darker more-absorbent paints would be used to finish the roofing of your house. No doubt they have their own benefits, but today, more reflective shades are in fashion. 

Chic lighter hues with the reflective surfaces really give your house a modern look telling that the residents are current and up-to-date with the new roofing trends. 

Moreover, they set your house apart from the surrounding houses and also prove to be quite beneficial in maintaining the overall temperature of the house. Reflective surfaces do just the thing – reflect the sun rays. They do not let sun rays absorb into the roofing and keep the house cooler. 

#3 – Heat Resistant Materials

As the name suggests, the materials used to put up these kinds of roofs resist the heat from entering the house. Lighter shades and reflective surfaces do well maintaining the overall temperature of your living space, but they are only “finishes” and peel away over time. 

One of the most effective ways to ensure that the roofing system of your stays heat-resistant for long is to use such types of materials that have heat-reflective properties. 

Installation of the roofing ventilation and mist-cooling systems also serve the same purpose. Another way to make sure that your roof is resistant to heat is to cover it with an insulation sheet such as spray foam.

#4 – Synthetic Materials

One of the most prevalent roofing trends in 2020 is the use of synthetic materials in the construction of the roofs, residential or commercial. 

Synthetic materials have more weather-resistant properties and are lighter in weight. Most of the synthetic materials such as polyurethane have higher impact and fire ratings, which means that they can withstand adverse surrounding conditions more than their counterparts. 

They are known to require lesser maintenance and would not rot, spoil, fade-away in color, or break that easy. Moreover, they are quite appealing and magnify the overall exterior look of your house.  Hence, they are being accepted more among homeowners with every passing day. 

#5 – Metal Roofing

Regarded as the “Most Durable” by the adept homeowners, the metal roofing trend will never go out of the style. They are equally suitable for both residential as well as commercial buildings. 

Being metal, they are quite excellent UV rays reflectors keeping the temperature consistent, particularly in the summers. Metal roofs sure are expensive to install, but that is compensated in the fact that these roofs require lesser maintenance as compared to the others

Metal roofs come in a wide array of patterns, styles, and colors, making them one of the most ideal roofing trends among the homeowners for 2020.

#6 – Silicon Roof Finish

Looking to replace your old roof? You may want to look at this roofing option first.

The silicon roofing trend is not common and widespread now, but it is becoming one of the most desirable choices for homeowners who want to repair or replace the already-installed roof

If your roof is leaking and needs a bit of repair, you may consider getting a coat or two of the silicon material. It strengthens the roofing material making it more reliable.

In addition to this, it also sets a base for you to paint a new hue on the roof. In other words, if you are looking for money-saving roofing options, it is the most suitable trend for you to adopt.

#7 – Solar Powered Panels

Our planet is coming to its age and the factors like global warming are only adding to it. People who understand this dilemma are more inclined to use added environmentally friendly options for the roofing systems to not leave their carbon footprints behind. 

Where solar power panels help keep the environment safe, they also generate the required power and energy to run the chores around your house. Oh, and yes, they save you a lot amount in energy bills, too. 

Solar panels sure an expensive option for the roofing but they leave a lasting impact. Furthermore, they are quite appealing and provide your home with a chic look. 

#8 – Green Roofing Options

If you are a homeowner who would love to have a mini-garden for itself but lack the space for it, worry not! You can now grow a garden on your roof.

While it may not only add to the curb appeal of your house but also provide the roofing system with insulation to resist heat and cold keeping the temperature consistent.

It reduces the effect of the acid rain and also helps you reduce your energy bills to a significant percentage. Moreover, it plants in your efforts towards a greener Earth.

Finding the Best Roofing Contractor for Your Home

You may have made up your mind about the type of roofing trend you want to go with, but the next step is equally crucial: finding the best emergency roofing contractor for your house.

Always select such a roofing contractor who has all the right credentials and license to work in this particular domain as well as is acknowledged for its unparalleled services. 

Word of mouth can help you a lot while selecting the best roofing contractor, therefore, ask around. Referrals and recommendations go a long way.

If your potential roofing contractor has an online presence, go through it to check for testimonials. One of the qualities that set the best roofing contractors apart is their affordable roofing packages. Always select such a roofing service that has a wide consumer base and works within your budget.

About the author: When it comes to express the ideas based on home improvement, Sarah Michelle has the highest experience and wanted you all to learn what’s new in the market. Stay tuned for her latest post to grab the chunk of useful information.


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