Roommate Tips: How to Avoid Conflict When Decorating Your Apartment

Having a roommate can be loads of fun, especially when it is a friend that you have known for a very long time.

Even though you might have the same taste in music and food, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will share the same taste in décor.

Those neutral cushions you bought for the couch might clash with their funky and bold styles. To avoid a lot of passive-aggression and feelings of being uncomfortable, you need to find common ground.

Here are a few ways to avoid conflict when decorating with a roommate:

Decide on a combined aesthetic

You don’t have to stick to one specific style. You can mix and match so that both of you can enjoy different aesthetics working together.

You might be more natural bohemian and they might love modern industrialism, so you can find a way to make both styles work in a cohesive way.

For example, you can pair a stainless steel kitchen with wood and linen benches. Not only will you create a unique visual experience but you will be able to showcase both of your personalities in one room.

Shop together

This might not be such an amazing thing if your roommate is male, but shopping together really eliminates any need for fighting or arguing.

It is the easiest way to ensure that everyone under the roof is happy.

You can browse different types of furniture stores and home décor shops and decide whether or not you like the pieces that you have chosen.

You should then be able to choose any piece of furniture that you both agree will suit the apartment and as an added bonus you will be establishing a bond that will set the foundation for your roomie relationship from the get-go.

And with online shopping, this is the easiest thing ever!

Compromise on each other’s must-keep items

So, what happens when you love the old painted woodland scene that your mother gave you but they don’t? Or they adore their handpainted lanterns because they are chic and whimsical but you think they’re horrid?

You will have to compromise where these pieces are going to hang.

Paper lanterns, for example, can be placed in a corner so that they aren’t so dominating and paintings can be hung in corridors or hallways so that they are less prominent. This way you’ll both keep what you really love.

Split rooms

A good idea would be to split the apartment rooms so that each one decorates it with their unique style.

If you enjoy baking and cooking, you can manage the kitchen and dining room. If your roommate prefers gaming and movies, they can take charge of the living room and the study room.

You will both be able to customize the room where you spend the most time without stepping on each other’s toes!

And just imagine how great movie nights will be! You can whip up the snacks and they choose the film!

Pick a color

The color scheme is probably the most important part of decorating an apartment.

If you and your roommate can’t agree on the color of the furniture, at least try and find a paint color that you both like. If you find a color that can complement your range of mismatched pieces, you might just give your apartment a sense of accidental intention.

Whether you decide to paint one accent wall or the entire room, at least you will create a communal space and feel like it was a shared effort.

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