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The 5 Rules for Rugs that Everyone Should Know

Rugs are a great way to brighten up a room and to add a little bit of warmth to those cold floors in the winter mornings.

Buying a rug is never easy and there are many questions that you are going to have to ask yourself before you do so. Think of the size, the durability and how easy it will be to clean it.

Here is a comprehensive guide that will ease the pre- and post-buying phase, so that you can purchase the best rug suited for your home:

Rule #1 – Size up your room spaces

The best practice for a cohesive space is to size the rug, so that all the furniture has at least two legs on it or none at all.

Measure your current seating area to determine how big you want the rug to be and how much of the floor you want covered. If you have a smaller living area, it would be best to center it between the gathered furniture.

However, if you want to cover up an old, outdated carpet, you should go for a larger size so that it runs past couch and seat legs.

Rule #2 – High/low traffic in the room

Rugs are made out of many different types of materials ranging from wool to bamboo. When you are making the choice to purchase a rug, you need to take into account the amount of foot traffic that comes in and out of the room.

Save the most decorative ones for living areas where there aren’t a lot of traffic and choose low-maintenance rugs for the rest of the house where your family or friends will walk around often.

If you’re in doubt, you can also opt for a durable wool rug. They don’t fade as quickly and they naturally repel water and stains.

Rule #3  – Only deep-clean when necessary

Deep-clean your rugs only when they need it in order to improve their longevity. Rugs in high traffic areas need to be cleaned about 4 times per year, but other rugs can enjoy deep-clean-free lives for up to 18 months.

You should, however, perform daily cleaning on the rugs such as vacuuming or using a beater brush to get the debris out.

For those who enjoy having their pets in the house, be sure to remove pet hair regularly by using a plastic glove to wipe off excess fur and then proceed to vacuum the rug. This will keep the rug fresher for longer.

Rule #4 – Save for sisal living spaces

Choosing a sisal rug is a difficult choice for homeowners because it might be easy on the wallet but it is difficult to clean.

If you like its casual, beachy feel, then it would be wise to place it in lightly-traveled zones or keep it away from zones where spillage usually takes place.

They work well in living rooms and bedrooms, but they should be taken outside frequently to beat out any debris. This will also help them last longer.

Rule #5 – Keep an eye/nose out for “off-gassing”

If you have ever felt dizzy or nauseous from new paint being applied, then you have probably smelled the same thing on a brand new rug.

This called off-gassing and is caused by chemicals evaporating into the air. You can prevent this from happening by opting for rugs with natural fibers and natural backings to decrease your exposure to toxins.

If you already have a synthetic rug, you can leave it outside in the sun for a week before bringing it back indoors. Once you have done that, be sure to open the doors, windows and put on the fans.

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