Quick & Easy Safety Tips For Your Apartment

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  • No.1 - Home security system and alarms
  • No.2 - Don't forget about lighting
  • No.3 - Check doors and windows
  • No.4 - Get your neighbors involved
  • No.5 - Got any pets around?

Whether you live alone or with family, the importance of safety in an apartment can never be overemphasized.

Sometimes safety is taken for granted because of the communal living space, but with criminals getting more and more creative, no one can be too safe today. It is something that should be prioritized in order to protect valuables and personal items.

Your home is a space where you should be able to relax – free from safety concerns or intrusion.

Here are a few things that you should pay attention to and immediately work on:

No.1 – Home security system and alarms

If there has been a series of theft in the area, if you travel a lot, or simply just because you want peace of mind, there is no harm in installing an alarm system.

Quite a few options are available like professionally-installed systems that alert the police in case of an intruder, systems which include smoke detectors alerting the fire department, or easy DIY alarm systems that you can install by checking online videos.

No matter which one you choose, a potential intruder will think twice when they see the presence of an alarm system (warning).

No.2 – Don’t forget about lighting

All common areas such as your front door, stairs, hallways, and garages should be well-lit, leaving no dark corners for anyone to hide in.

If you are not home, you can consider leaving a few lights on the rooms to create the impression of someone being inside or set timers to your lights to go on at a certain time if you are not around.

Motion-sensor lights also work great if you are a bit reluctant to constantly leave the lights on and you can use LED light bulbs to save money as well as do your part for the environment.

No.3 – Check doors and windows

The entrances to the apartment should always be secure otherwise a point of entry is way too easy to use.

Check that your locks work properly and that your peephole is not broken or dirty. You can also consider adding additional locks.

Ask your landlord whether the locks have been changed before you move in. If they have not been changed, ask him to do so immediately to eliminate any other copies that others might have.

If your apartment is at ground level or accessible via a fire escape, check the locks on your windows too. Don’t leave any valuable items that can be seen from the balcony or window.

No.4 – Get your neighbors involved

Having a close relationship with the neighborhood community and your neighbors will definitely go further than just borrowing the occasional cup of sugar.

Working together as a unit will make it easier to spot intruders and alert the police whenever one of the neighborhood homes are in danger.

If you live in a stand-alone unit, the space in between houses might make it difficult for strangers to hide in plain sight. Perhaps you can also consider forming a neighborhood watch group and take advantage of this, especially when you go on holiday.

If your neighbors can keep an eye on the house, it ensures even more protection.

No.5 – Got any pets around?

If you are lucky enough to have pets on your property, dogs always make for excellent guard dogs. Not only are they great friends but they have reliable intuition when it comes to detecting trouble.

Even if you have the friendliest pup in the world, its bark will definitely drive away anyone who would want to sneak into your home. If you are not able to have pets on your property, consider a place where it is allowed and adopt your new best friend from a local animal shelter.

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