6 Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Landlord

You might disagree on this, but landlords want to hear your problems.


Let’s be honest: all of us have kept quiet at some stage when we’ve done something wrong, but rent problems are not the same as breaking your mom’s porcelain vase and blaming it on the cat.

As a renter, you need to have an open and honest relationship with your landlord and refrain from keeping anything from them.

And yes, it might sound dreadful to tell your landlord about the clogged up sink, but he would rather want to know today than sitting with massive plumbing problems tomorrow!

To help you along, here are 6 things you should never keep from your landlord:

#1 – A lost key

Your landlord will charge you to replace the key, but this is a minimal cost. If you are worried that someone else might enter the property, you need to have your locks changed which will cost a bit more.

So, unless the address was attached to the key, it is very unlikely that a stranger will know exactly where that key will fit!

Plus, there might be a chance that your landlord owns multiple rental properties, in which case he might easily swap some keys/locks around and solve the issue of the lost key that way!

#2 – New water stains on the ceiling

Something that might not seem like a big deal to you at first, water stains on the ceiling usually means that the roof is leaking.

And having that problem will continue to worsen every time it rains! In other words, if the leak is left unattended, it can ruin your wiring, insulation and framework in the roof which will cost a lot to fix.

Please report water stains immediately and let the landlord determine whether you’ve saved all of you a lot of hassle and money, or whether it’s a non-event for whatever reason.

#3 – A clogged toilet

A problem like this, a leaky faucet or water backing out of the drain can easily be ignored by using another bathroom, or perhaps try and fix it yourself, however, either approach is wrong!

Tenants often don’t report plumbing problems because they are scared that they might get charged for repairs.

If the plumbing problem is your fault, then yes, you will have to fix it, but usually, the landlord is responsible for repairs around the property.

However, if you don’t report the plumbing problem and it ends up turning into some huge costly disaster, you bet you’ll be the one paying for it as all of this could have easily been prevented – and very likely paid for by the landlord- by reporting it in a timely fashion!

#4 – Pet adoption

You might not have had a pet when you moved in and signed the lease, but that is no reason to keep your new furry friend a secret from the landlord.

Sneaking pets in because of extra rent or because they are not allowed could get you evicted (plus, could potentially get you a fine).

Pets can damage property and usually requires a pet deposit or some landlords even ask for more rent.

So, if you’re still not sold, keeping your pet a secret might harm your pet.

#5 – Someone else moved in

Tenants are screened before they move in and credit checks are done, so if you secretly move someone in, you are robbing the landlord of the opportunity of checking that person’s background, and could get you evicted!

Even if you are just helping a friend for a lengthier period of time, you will be responsible for any damage that he or she’s causing.

More occupants will also more wear and tear on the property and there might be limitations as to how many people are allowed to live on the property.

#6 – Bedbugs can bite

It’s hard to sleep tight when bedbugs bite. Most tenants don’t report bedbugs because they don’t want to pay for the extermination costs.

Usually, landlords are responsible for paying these costs except if there is proof that you brought the bedbugs onto the property.

So, unless you brought in that lone mattress you found on the street, it is difficult to prove the fault is yours.

Bottom line: problems should not be hidden from landlords and it should be reported as soon as possible for your own safety.

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6 Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Landlord
6 Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Landlord

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