Security Still A Major Deciding Factor For 2015

Demand for property within estates will continue to increase in the year head, as security is still a driving force behind property purchasing decisions. This is according to Dieter Harck, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX One Hundred, whose office operates within the greater Fourways area.

Harck notes that the continued search for security is top of mind among most buyers, and this is not likely to change in 2015.

While we can expect a range of external elements to have their influence on the property market during next year, one trend that we will continue to see is buyers placing a large emphasis on security and lifestyle when deciding where they choose to purchase. The popularity of estate living has gained momentum over the last few years and this is likely to continue well into the future,” says Harck. “The lifestyle benefits these kinds properties provide have made them highly sought-after among buyers, which has resulted in these properties selling for higher premiums than those situated outside of estates. The rising demand for estate homes makes them a good investment and owners of these properties can expect a healthy return on their investment over the long term.

Harck predicts that homes in Fourways from R3million upwards will be the most popular during 2015, especially with the new Steyn City development in the area. The brainchild of business magnate Douw Steyn, the development has already benefited the Fourways area because of the increased investment in the surrounding infrastructure. “When looking at the potential for long-term value growth, Steyn City will definitely see excellent returns on investment due to everything it offers buyers in terms of security and recreation,” says Harck.

He notes that smaller, more established gated communities and estates, such as Fairfield Estate, will offer buyers a more affordable value-for-money option, without compromising on security and the opportunity to grow in value. “There are a number of security estates and gated communities within the Fourways area that offer buyers the same lifestyle benefits as many of the larger security estates, but at a far more affordable price. Some of these homes may require renovation, however they are still located in the sought-after hub of the Fourways area,” says Harck.

Offering advice to buyers who want to ensure that they make the best home buying decision in 2015, Harck says that buyers should look out for property within proximity to good schools as these properties will always be in demand. Alternatively, apartments on the Gautrain bus route, especially those closer to Sandton are very good investments and are in high demand.

Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, agrees, saying that property close to sought after amenities, as well as those with access to transport routes, often experience excellent long term growth. “This points to the age old adage of location, location, location. Properties in close range to good schools, shopping centres and financial or business hubs are often good choices as they will continue to be in demand and grow in value,” advises Goslett.

According to Harck, buyers who want to get into the property market during the course of next year should start to prepare as soon as possible. “Deposits are a reality in today’s market, so buyers need to save up as much as possible. This will bring down their monthly bond repayments as well as influence the interest rate they receive from their financial institution. Preparation and planning will make all the difference to a buyer’s home ownership plans in 2015,” Harck concludes.

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