Sell Your House Fast With These 7 People On Your Team

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  • No.1 -- Real estate agent
  • No.2 -- Home inspector
  • No.3 -- House cleaner
  • No.4 -- Home stager
  • No.5 -- Real estate photographer
  • No.6 -- Painter
  • No.7 -- Handyman

After weeks of deliberating, considering, and researching, you have finally decided to sell your house.

Before you start looking for new homes and calculating if you can afford the mortgage, you need to focus all of your energies on selling your current home.

There are various role-players involved in selling a house and if you want it to be a successful sale, you must know exactly what their roles are.

Here are 7 people you need on your team to make sure you sell your house quickly and successfully:

No.1 — Real estate agent

The first and most obvious person you are going to approach is a real estate agent.

The real estate agent’s job is to guide you through the entire process and may include things like pricing the home correctly, ensuring the house is maintained, and encouraging you to make any repairs necessary.

They will also be responsible for home staging, negotiations, and closing the home. Make sure that you research all the agents in your area before making a decision on who to choose to present you and your home! 

No.2 — Home inspector

Some buyers will ask for a home inspection upon putting in an offer to purchase, but you can do one better and beat them to it.

Hiring a home inspector is a proactive approach: it shows that you are serious about selling your house and that you’re transparent about any potential flaws.

A home inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and point out any faults that you can repair before sellers book viewings with your real estate agent. 

No.3 — House cleaner

You might think it unnecessary because you clean your home every day, but a professional house cleaner will get into all the hard-to-reach corners of your home.

It is more than just a quick vacuum and a simple dusting off; it involves deep cleaning to ensure that your home is sparkly, clean, and fresh for potential buyers. 

No.4 — Home stager

Your real estate agent might suggest that you opt for a home stager before organizing an open house.

Home staging plays a vital role in highlighting the features of your home.

They will know exactly how to showcase furniture, colour, artwork, and accessories, so that the buyer falls in love with the lifestyle of the house and what it could be like if they had to buy it. 

No.5 — Real estate photographer

The chances are high that your house will be listed online, so make sure that you hire a professional photographer.

The last thing you want is bad-quality pictures of your beautiful home.

Most home buyers are visually inclined and they will dismiss a listing if the pictures are substandard. A real estate photographer will know how to shoot the house from the right angle, so that your house is represented in the best way possible. 

No.6 — Painter

It might sound like a hassle but repainting your house before a sale should not be overlooked.

Most buyers will probably not like your rose-pink bathroom and they might not be crazy about the purple accent wall in your living room.

A painter can repaint the walls in neutral and softer tones so that it appeals to a wider audience. 

No.7 — Handyman

There is nothing worse than walking through a home and noticing cracks in the walls, loose floorboards, or broken windows.

A handyman can easily fix these problems and avoid awkward situations when potential home buyers walk through your home.

There might be projects you can complete yourself but if you have a family and a full-time job, where are you going to find the time? Rather hire a professional and have peace of mind that it is done properly. 

Selling your home is stressful enough, but with this team of professionals on your side, you can say goodbye to any anxious feelings you might have.

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