Severin Raclette- Like cheese fondue but better.

Call your friends, chill the beer, boil potatoes and slice the cheese, it’s raclette time!

If you love cheese as much as our French, German and Swiss friends do, the raclette is for you. Share cheese, meat, pickles and vegetables over dinner, as each person toasts and melts his own bite size portions, mixing up as they see fit. Simply provide the ingredients, and away you go. And is there anything more social than huddling around the raclette? We don’t think so.

Both the grill and the cheese cooked on it are called raclette (raclette is a Swiss cheese with a strong flavour, that is tempered by heating it). Serve with a selection of pickled onions, cucumbers, boiled baby potatoes and crusty bread, you can even provide sausage, strips of steak or chicken for the carnivores in the party. On the individual grills, people can heat combinations of potato or meat with cheese, and garnish with pickles, while sausages and meat grill on the top grill section. It’s fun, it’s social, and above all else, it involves melty cheese. What could be better?

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