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The Best Space-Saving Ideas for Small Apartments

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  • Utilize 3-D space
  • Efficient organization and furniture
  • Think outside the box
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It’s not easy to find a good apartment in a nice area, with solid living space and at an affordable price.

So, until we find that perfect, cheap, downtown double-loft, we’ll have to make some compromises. If you decided to compromise on space, you should think about how to make the best of your situation.

Namely, there are certain space-saving ideas that are just perfect if you want to make the most of the limited space:

Utilize 3-D space

People living in small apartments use similar techniques for solving the problem of limited space.

They put stuff where they can, stack it, arrange it, and try not to get a feeling of claustrophobia every time they wake up.

However, we’re talking only about your floor here, but what about the walls?

You have all this unused space on your walls, which can be utilized to hold your things.

Think of things in 3-D.

First, don’t limit yourself to using only the shelves that are already inside the apartment. Create your own storage space by installing extra cabinets.

Furthermore, you can hang things on your walls as well. Setting your bicycle or the instruments can save you a lot of space, as can putting the TV on the wall.

Why use a large item to house your TV when you can get an Ultralift TV wall mount.

No need to use huge vases and pots when you can have them hang off your walls and ceiling. Multi-functionality is the way to go.

Also, with proper riggings and construction work, you can even set up a system of objects hanging off your ceiling.

Efficient organization and furniture

There is always a way you can be more efficient, more clear with your space allocation.

First of all, try to see if everything is organised properly, or if you just jumbled it up in a corner. Once you tidy up, try to actually be efficient. So, there is definitely space underneath your bed.

If not, try to get a bed with a raised frame, or with compartments within it. That’s a double king-sized matress that you can save up. How much more would you have to pay for that extra space, really?

The same goes for all your cupboards and wardrobes in the living room.

Get tall versions of every item, with specific compartments for extra storage.

Get armchairs, ottomans, desks, chairs, sofas, and every piece of furniture you own should, if possible, have a specialized storage compartment somewhere. These are not much more expensive than regular furniture, but they can get you much more room.

Think outside the box

While this entire article is really about thinking outside of the box, there are some aspects where you can go the extra mile. We are talking about filling up the space to create more room.

Namely, this paradoxical statement can be solved by using partitions, mirrors, and light.

Adding mirrors around a room, and some natural light inside will create a nicer, more relaxed and open atmosphere that will trick you into thinking that you have more room.

While this isn’t exactly space saving, it will get you to feel a bit less claustrophobic.

Furthermore, by partitioning off certain sections in the rooms, you can actually get your apartment feeling a bit larger.


These ideas can help you to maximize the space inside your apartment and to feel comfortable while doing so.

Remember to be as efficient and as thorough as possible, to get the right furniture and gear, and to organize them properly.

Think outside of the box, and utilize every single centimeter of space you have – don’t just limit yourself to the floor.

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