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Sustainable Décor for Your Green Home

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  • #1 – Start with the small stuff
  • #2 – Invest in furniture to match your sustainable décor
  • #3 – Make your own sustainable décor
  • #4 – Grow indoor plants
  • #5 – Sustainable features can increase property value

Sustainable décor is all about being considerate to the environment when you decorate your home.

If you are trying to transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle, the best thing is to start small and this includes your décor.

Sustainable décor is easy to make and easy to buy, and the smallest changes will already make a big difference.

It lends an earthy aesthetic to any house and it works well with any colour scheme in any room. Here are a few ideas for incorporating sustainable décor into your green home. 

#1 – Start with the small stuff

If you start small then you’ll get to the big stuff in no time. There are many small items that you can replace to make your home environmentally friendly.

You can swap out your current lightbulbs for LED globes. These use less energy and they still provide enough light to make a room seem happy and bright.

Candles are great for creating a cosy atmosphere instead of using the air freshener. And, if you are going to paint a room, stay away from toxic paints and opt for organic alternatives. 

#2 – Invest in furniture to match your sustainable décor

If you are ready to tackle something bigger and you have the budget, invest in sustainable furniture.

This is a great way to incorporate environmental mindfulness throughout your entire house.

Look for furniture made out of sustainable materials like bamboo, clay, or cork. With the right cushions and throws, you can transform your rooms into stylish works of art.

When choosing your linen, try to buy materials that are made out of natural fibres such as hemp, flax, organic cotton, and wool. They may cost a bit more but remember, you are trying to be kinder to the environment. 

#3 – Make your own sustainable décor

What is more sustainable and green than making your own décor? If you are creative, you can find many ways to make your mark in your home.

Hit the thrift shops and look out for secondhand bargains. They don’t have to look exactly the way you want because you’ll be adding the finishing touches.

An old cupboard, for example, can easily be repainted and repurposed for extra storage space.

If you aren’t that creative or if you simply don’t have time, shop handmade items. These items last longer than their factory equivalents and no two pieces are exactly the same. 

#4 – Grow indoor plants

Plants are an amazing decorative item and a go-to piece for any room. Lush plants and gorgeous succulents lend a touch of sustainability to any environment.

You can plant beautiful palms in pots and place them in your foyer or transfer some flowers from your garden into the living room.

Herbs are perfect in the kitchen and you can use them in your cooking. If you have a big enough yard, you can also consider planting vegetables.

Just remember not to use any chemical-based fertilizers or plastic pots. This would be very counterproductive!

#5 – Sustainable features can increase property value

The homeowner of the future will definitely be going green, so the more sustainable your house is, the better.

Homes with environmentally-friendly features will become more popular than homes without.

It would be even better if you could reach a point where you are completely off the grid. This will, of course, cost you a few bucks but the result is worth it. 

Sustainable décor matches any type of room and it is very easy to incorporate. It is one small step to becoming more environmentally friendly and more conscious about the decisions you make.

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