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5 Ways to Take Your Real Estate Business Fully Remote

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  • 1 - Offer Electronic Signatures
  • 2 - Stay in Touch with Staff
  • 3 - Store Files on the Cloud
  • 4 - Give Virtual Tours to Clients
  • 5 - Be Careful When Hiring Staff

Unlike a few months ago, today, everyone is more or less familiar with remote work.

Some had to rapidly transition to this work arrangement when the pandemic struck and are still struggling with the concept. Others, such as real estate agents, didn’t have to adjust much at all.

They have already been doing most of their work from their homes, coffee shops, or even cars. That is why taking a real estate business fully remote shouldn’t pose a problem.

Here are some tips to help you put this plan into motion: 

1 – Offer Electronic Signatures

Contracts, leases, agreements, and other types of documents are vital parts of a real estate business.

Usually, clients like face-to-face meetings during which they can express their doubts, go through last-minute changes, or negotiate the price.

Since your business is going remote, you should consider electronic signatures, which most remote real estate businesses use.

There are various digital or electronic signing tools on the market for you and your clients to use. This way, clients can sign documents in the comfort of their homes saving you precious time.

Having electronic signatures as an option not only helps you close the deal faster but also speaks well to your modern business. 

2 – Stay in Touch with Staff

As you already know it by now, the real estate business is all about communication. This doesn’t mean you should only care about communication with clients and other agencies but also with your staff. All the more so if you are taking your business remotely.

It is imperative to stay in touch with employees and clients. It is the only way to keep all business operations running smoothly.

For keeping in touch, you will need the right communicative tools, for example, an intranet. The tool primarily allows you to connect all members of your staff and communicate via messages. Then, all real estate agents in your team can work together on multiple projects.

More importantly, as a team, you can keep each other posted and keep the team spirit alive. 

3 – Store Files on the Cloud 

Apart from using communicative tools, you should also explore and take advantage of cloud storage options.

They are quite handy when it comes to remote teams. You and your agents can not only add, edit, or download files on and off the cloud but also delete them if necessary. Also, as a team leader, you get to decide who can access the storage and specific files.

Besides, you can sync your communicative tool and the storage option, so whenever you or a member of your staff sends a file, it is automatically uploaded and saved on the cloud.

Most file hosting tools have a search button. Therefore, you and your team won’t waste time trying to find a missing piece of information. 

4 – Give Virtual Tours to Clients

Showing properties takes a lot of time and hard work. The process is not only time consuming but also tedious.

If you end up making a sale, then great. No time wasted. But, what if you spend hours giving tours, but no one makes an offer? Then, you are in a pickle.

Luckily to you, technology has got you covered. Namely, with high-tech tools and software, real estate agents like yourself can now host virtual showings for clients. You can schedule live events on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and show visitors around a particular property.

During live events, visitors can leave comments and ask you questions directly, like during the regular tour.

The best part about virtual tours is that they can be recorded or saved, so visitors and potential clients can go through the video whenever they want or need. 

5 – Be Careful When Hiring Staff

Hiring a remote staff is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many things to take into account.

For example, not everyone is cut out to be a remote worker. That is why, during the recruitment process, you have to make sure your candidates and new hires can work from home just as well as they do from an office.

In the end, remote work and real estate business go hand in hand. Unlike other employees, real estate agents are comfortable with working from various and often, changeable locations.

Hence, it is easy to turn a real estate business into a fully remote one. All the more so, because our tips and tricks are here to help you out. 


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