5 Things Everyone Forgets to Do When Moving

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  • #1 - First things first: time to get organized
  • #2 - Raid your kitchen/fridge for leftovers
  • #3 - Prepare that ‘first-night’ box
  • #4 - Make sure to use gloves to unpack
  • #5 - Try to transfer utilities ahead of time

Moving seems straightforward: all you do is pack everything in boxes and make sure you don’t leave anything behind, right?

Wrong! If only moving was that simple.

It is a time-consuming act that many people postpone until the last minute which is the worst thing that you can do. And, this is exactly when things get lost or left behind, or where even the most organized person can become a mess when moving day stress sets in.

To make your move as easy as possible, follow this list of 5 things you need to remember before you say your final farewell:

#1 – First things first: time to get organized

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to moving which is why you need to create an organizational system of sorts. This can include memos, to-do lists and even sticky notes stuck onto the walls.

Technology is, however, the best way to go and you get a lot of apps that can help you organize the things that you need to do. Look into apps like Evernote or Sortly.

You can also find apps that can help you find people to clear up the last remaining things before you ask for the deposit back.

#2 – Raid your kitchen/fridge for leftovers

It’s a lot easier and less time-consuming to order a pizza when you’re busy packing, but you may want to think twice about this.

Moving is an expensive process, so instead of spending all your money on takeout, use what you already have in your fridge. Not only will it be good for your budget, but you also get to clear the cupboards and fridge so that you don’t have even more things to cart around when the big day finally arrives.

#3 – Prepare that ‘first-night’ box

You are not going to be able to unpack everything by the end of the first day, which is why a first-night box is the perfect solution.

Pack a box for each person (and if you move with pets, don’t forget their food) with the essentials – toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, pyjamas, bedding, towels, fresh clothes, snacks and anything else that you might need during the first evening.

You can also throw chargers and other technological devices in here. This should be the very last box that you pack and the very first one that you open when you arrive at your new home.

#4 – Make sure to use gloves to unpack

This is especially useful when you are unpacking the boxes that contain your kitchen utensils and crockery.

During the move, some of the utensils such as knives and forks might have shifted and if you reach in without looking, you might end up with nasty cuts.

So, use gloves in order to pack out your kitchen. This will also prevent you from letting anything drop if your hands get sweaty (which it will- unpacking is an exercise in its own right!).

Don’t let the excitement of moving overshadow these few things that you might forget to do before you move out.

#5 – Try to transfer utilities ahead of time

And, last but not least, something that a lot of people tend to forget is to transfer the utilities. Whilst it might seem like a small thing, it can become a problem. You need to make sure that you transfer the utilities well in advance.

By staying on top of things, you make sure that your new home already has everything that it needs and that you are not caught in dark rooms or in cold showers!

And, by transferring the utilities in time, you also make sure that the lights are not still switched on at your old house and raking up your bill.

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