3 Things Landlords Should Check Before Renting Out Their Property

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  • 1 - Check for abandoned items
  • 2 - Check for damages
  • 3 - Check the contract

There’s nothing like renting out real estate for a reliable and steady income.

If you’re planning to rent out a home, however, you need to ensure that the property is fit for occupancy.

Here are 3 things to check before renting out your property:

1 – Check for abandoned items

Make sure that everything in the property actually belongs in the property.

  • The previous tenants, if any, likely took all their belongings with when they vacated the rental space, but it’s best to always double check for any belongings that may have been left behind.
  • Try to contact the former occupants to inform them of the things they left behind and make arrangements for their retrieval.
  • Depending on local laws, give the former tenants enough time to retrieve the items. After the time has lapsed, the landlord can consider keeping or disposing of the former tenants’ abandoned items.

2 – Check for damages

There are conscientious tenants and there are tenants who may have caused damage that the landlord will only find out after inspecting the property.

It’s best to ensure that there’s no significant damage to the property before renting it out.

  • Always check for damage by carefully inspecting the home.
  • Use a comprehensive checklist that will help you cover the exteriors, interiors, and every room and part of the house from top to bottom.
  • Make sure that all damages are repaired and everything is in good working order, with consideration for the next tenants’ safety and comfort.

3 – Check the contract

Apart from preparing the property for occupation, you also need to prepare paperwork that will make the property legal for occupation.

  • Make sure that the new contract is still aligned with local laws on renting out property. It may have been a while since the property was rented out, so it’s important to be up to date with new regulations.
  • Prepare other possible paperwork that may be required as proof of the rental property’s safety.

After ensuring that the property is again fit for occupancy, you can advertise the rental space and prepare to meet new prospective tenants.

About the author: Erick Francisco is a content writer for SafetyCulture, a software company that enables businesses to perform inspections using digital checklists.

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