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7 Things You Should Never Do During Kitchen Renovations

Story Highlights
  • 1 - Never choose materials that are fragile
  • 2 - Never overspend
  • 3 - Never lose track of latest trends
  • 4 - Never discard opinions of professional designers
  • 5 - Never throw away your old cabinets
  • 6 - Never discard the floor plan
  • 7 - Never mismatch your appliances

When it comes to kitchen renovations, there are a lot of things that can go wrong along with the things that can work out well.

Hence, it is always better to conduct thorough research on the factors that work and do not work during the kitchen renovation.

Now, let us consider the things that one must not do while redesigning a kitchen:

1 – Never choose materials that are fragile

As everyone knows, looks can be deceiving; the same applies to kitchen materials, as well.

For example:

  • Limestone looks good, but water rings can form easily on it.
  • Stains can easily form on marble.
  • Recycled glass can make the kitchen appear great, but it can chip away leaving a bad looking kitchen behind.

Considering all this, quartz is a good material to use, if the homeowner does not want any problems with kitchen materials in the future.

2 – Never overspend

Before starting off with the planning of the kitchen renovation, one should take a firm decision to not overspend.

This is important because there are many options in the market that might sound tempting and make the consumer spend unnecessarily.

There are certain homeowners who overspend on the renovation of a kitchen without understanding the need of their houses; the lavish kitchen renovation might weaken the house’s plumbing or the structure.

3 – Never lose track of latest trends

Everyone knows that technology is constantly evolving.

The effects of technology can be seen in interior building, which in turn has carried over to kitchen renovations, as well.

Staying on top of the trends might allow homeowners to find cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for the kitchen renovations.

4 – Never discard opinions of professional designers

There are many homeowners who swear by the concept of DIY (Do It Yourself) method. They would like to let their imagination run wild and have a free run at designing their kitchen.

However, the best practice is to consult a professional kitchen designer during the kitchen renovations. These professionals will help a lot in fine-tuning the plan of the kitchen renovation and might play a key role in helping to get the best raw materials that are available in the market.

5 – Never throw away your old cabinets

One of the reasons why designers remove cabinets is to build a window on top of the sink.

Once the cabinets are removed, putting them in the storeroom might seemingly increase clutter. However, these cabinets might help in storing plates. Hence, do not throw away the cabinets during a kitchen renovation.

6 – Never discard the floor plan

While renovating a kitchen, it is always important to remember the floor plan.

For example, if the sink is moved to a new location without considering the floor plan, a mess is usually left behind while moving soiled plates to the sink.

This mess usually takes a lot of time and money to clean. Thus, be careful while performing all these things.

7 – Never mismatch your appliances

While buying electrical fixtures and electrical slots for your new kitchen, it is always better to match them to the existing electrical appliances.

Also, the new electrical appliances purchased should map back to the brand of the existing appliances in the kitchen. This can easily be achieved with some smart, selective online shopping.


All these tips are good examples to consider when it comes to renovating a kitchen.

One should not always stick to these options while renovating a kitchen; one should spend enough time researching on the net.

Have a look at the free advice that’s available, take the abovementioned tips in consideration and make the right kind of decisions while carrying out kitchen renovations.


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