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5 Things NOT to Do When Remodeling Bathrooms

Remodeling your bathroom can be fun but it is also a lot of work.

Having a clean, neat and luxurious bathroom is no doubt every homeowner’s dream. Creating it, however, can be a huge challenge especially if you have tight corners…not to mention all the water!

Don’t make remodeling your bathroom worse by buying expensive materials that won’t work in the bathroom or that isn’t durable enough and need constant replacing.

Plan your goals and use this list to avoid the 5 items that should definitely NOT belong in a bathroom:

#1 – Wall-to-wall carpet

Carpet has an amazing feel underneath the feet and it lends a very soft look to the bathroom, but many people do not realize that this is not the right choice for a powder room.

There is a huge ick factor involved, especially around the toilet, and mold & mildew can also build up which can cause health issues.

The carpet industry warns against carpeting the bathroom floor in order to prevent mold build-up.

If you really want a fluffy or soft look in your bathroom, then you can opt for a tile and add a fluffy bath mat. It adds that splash of comfort and it can be regularly laundered.

#2 – Wallpaper

Honestly, wallpaper is just not a logical solution to install in a bathroom. In such a high steam area, the wallpaper is bound to peel in a few years – in fact, steam is used to strip off wallpapers on walls!

Despite the stylish look it offers, steer clear of it, unless you are remodeling a guest bathroom that is not used very often.

If you really want your walls to look unique, rather try solid vinyl wall covering instead. It looks just as great as wallpaper, but it doesn’t allow any steam to seep through, so you can enjoy it for longer.

#3 – Slippery or glossy tiles or stone

Ceramic or porcelain flooring always looks classy and lends a sophisticated look to any room, but it is not practical in the bathroom. These types of floors become extremely slippery in wet conditions.

The more polished a tile, the more slippery it becomes when it is wet!

The simple solution is to choose a flooring that is not as slippery when it is wet but still lends the look that you want.

Look carefully for tiles that meet the slip-resistant standards.

#4 – Laminate flooring

Even though you might love the look of laminate flooring, it is better to use it in another room.

Water and laminate floors simply don’t mix very well.

Tiny amounts of water can seep between the planks which can cause them to expand or peel, swell and even lift from the floor. Laminate manufacturers themselves advise against using this type of flooring in bathrooms.

The good news, however, is that there are plenty of other products that work just as well.

Consider linoleum as an alternative. It is eco-friendly, it suits the budget and it comes in a wide variety of looks.

#5 – Yellow paint

An important thing to remember when choosing paints is that the colour that you choose will reflect more heavily in the bathroom than any other room, especially if the room is reliant on artificial lighting.

Be wary of yellows or neutrals that contain yellow as it can have a brash effect on the bathroom.

The mirror multiplies the impact of the lighting in such a small space and the walls reflect and magnify colour from other walls, which might leave your reflection a little worse for wear.

Rather opt for greys and blues to complement your bathroom.

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